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I’m going to let you in on an embarrassing secret. The Fella and I are kind of gross/obnoxious/sappy. We like each other a lot, and I have to say, he’s definitely made me a more demonstrative partner–I’m a bit of a hard shell to crack on the emotional front, but he hammered away until I became as big a cheese ball as he is. Today is our three year anniversary. 

We started the day by taking a visit to the City Clerk’s office to get our marriage license. 

photo 1

Guys, if ever there was a civil service job I’d want it would be to work in the marriage bureau. Everyone was so happy and emotion and in love…or getting married for citizenship, but nonetheless happy! 

photo 5

 1) What’s going on in my jaw in that picture?

2) I don’t know what City Hall marriages look like in other parts of the country/world, but the New York City marriage bureau is a tourist attraction all in itself. There’s a gift shop, and a photo booth backdrop and a stand to buy overpriced flowers. 

photo 4

The Fella was really excited about the photo opps. 

photo 3Personally, I’m a fan of the calla lillies. 

Before we headed off to our respective jobby-jobs, we grabbed a quick breakfast: 

photo 8

photo 7 I scarfed down an egg, avocado, cheese sandwich with a side of grapefruit juice. Normally I wouldn’t “waste” calories on juice, but if there’s something fun that’s come out of this reverse dieting project of mine, it’s the reintroduction of foods I haven’t had in years. 


photo 6

 It’s been a super busy week, so I’ve relied on the kindness of local eateries for lunch. Today I hit up a Mediterranean fast food restaurant called Nanoosh for a whole wheat wrap with chicken, greens, and hummus. I’m obsessed with their mint/jalapeno dressing–I secretly fantasize about breaking in and stealing it all for home use. Maybe I should just ask for the recipe. 

With the wedding two weeks away we’re not planning anything elaborate for the evening. I’m actually having my hair and makeup trial tonight, so maybe we’ll go out for drinks somewhere posh afterward since I’ll be all spiffied up, but we’re old and tired and will probably want to be in PJs by 10. 

Attached? How long have you been with your significant other?





  1. So excited for you both, Kim. We’ve been married for 10 years in September & together for 18. I hope your wedding day is as much fun as ours was & look forward to hearing about it. New York City Hall looks really glamorous!


  2. We have been together since May 19, 1975. Our 33rd wedding anniversary is August 1. Trials – of course. Breakups – a few and very short lived. Love – 4-ever!!!!
    Just remember that no one is a mind reader and choose your battles carefully. I found out that men do have feelings and they are easily hurt.
    Hope your wedding day is sunny and warm. Best wishes


  3. We’ve been together since 1980….33rd Anniversary was June 28. I loved your description of your special day! Great pictures too! Enjoy the next two weeks and then the rest of your life together!


  4. Since 1969 and still going strong.


  5. Since 1984! We met when I went to work for him as a college freshman – he was the manager of a record (yes, vinyl) store in the small town where I attended school.
    I hope your wedding is everything you have dreamed and planned! Marriage is a great adventure, enjoy!


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