Happy Place Landing

I spent last night volunteering at a women’s shelter in New York. I think the warm ooey-gooey feelings from the night carried over into today, because I was happy all day.

Coming from someone who has spent a good deal of their professional career working in the non-profit world I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t […]

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Work-Free Zone

How sexy are these gams?

Hot, I know. My arms and abdomen have similar decorative shading.
I’ve been Internet free and busy moving my parents for the past few days (and I’ve eaten enough pizza to put Italy out of business). I adore those two crazy kids, but if they ever move again I’m going to insist […]

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Coming in first

Here’s a life lesson for you: Sometimes you have to put yourself first.

Even if it’s not fair, even if it will make people angry, even if you will feel guilty about it—sometimes the only thing to do is the thing you need to do for you.

I think this lesson comes easier to some than others. […]

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Let Kim eat cake!

It was a love and food filled weekend for me.

On Saturday I got to spend the day with my family, immediate and extended.

My great-aunt Ethel just turned 95, and my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle headed to my cousin’s house for a family visit to celebrate. If I could be anyone when I grow up […]

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An Adventure in Muscle Building

There is a lie that many of us like to tell ourselves when it comes to exercise: that lie is that different types of exercise will create different shaped muscles. It’s often touted that things like Pilates or Ballet will make long lean muscles, the kind of muscles we so covet of those pesky ballerinas. […]

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What’s Making Me Happy: Running Weekend Edition

I’ve been MIA the last few days, but there’s been a lot keeping me happy.  For starters, the fella celebrated a birthday and I got to take him out Kim-style to celebrate.  After the celebrating I hopped on a train and headed out to Long Island to run a 5K with some of my hometown […]

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Dear Internet: I’m Back

The good news: I finally got my hands on a new computer. About 45-seconds after I pressed “publish” on my last blog my computer did its last little freak out of the technologically living world (deleting everything on my iPhone that had the misfortune of being plugged in at the time) and is now […]

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Mother Knows Best


Happy birthday to my mom!
Thanks for always teaching me appropriate public behavior 😉

What is it they say about apples and trees?
Nose picking habits aside, I’ve learned a lot from my mom. She’s a pretty remarkable lady, and in honor of her birth I’m going to pass on some of the nuggets of wisdom she’s […]

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What’s Making Me Happy: Weekend Edition

The show seems to be going well. My parents are coming to see it today 😉

Sleeping late

Home manicures

A new fair trade coffee shop in my hood

Organic Chinese takeout!
Your turn! What’s making you happy this weekend?



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A Valentine’s Day Retrospective

I’ve definitely been way more open regarding my super-duper personal life on my blog lately.  I’m not sure why that is, but I say if it feels right, do it.

Yesterday was the anniversary of my grandmother’s death, it also happened to have been my grandfather’s birthday.  I always thought it was kind of romantic that […]

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