Back to Brooklyn, Back to Basics

My little hometown vacation is over, and I appear to be back to my city girl ways. I have to admit that I’m a bit set in my eating and exercising habits, and like most vacations that seems to fall by the wayside when I’m back home for extended periods of time. The first thing […]

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July Resolutions


Can we consider all of June null and consider July a Mulligan month?

June was rough for me in regard to managing expectations: personal and professional. I had a big bump in my workload, and because it’s summer my social life seemed to be a wee bit more demanding than usual. This month […]

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Old dog, same old tricks

I was pretty decent at my resolution to eat frequent small meals toward the beginning of the month, but as soon as I landed myself back in a cubicle I reverted right back to my three-meal-a-day ways.

There are two camps on the snacking philosophy: one says that small frequent meals keeps your metabolism firing up, […]

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Part of a complete breakfast dinner

Cheerios and wine. There are certain perks to being an adult, and my dinner tonight is example enough in my book. Don’t worry mom, nothing’s wrong, I’m just lazy.

This week was brutal! I am determined to make full-time freelancing my lifestyle, but I’m definitely experiencing a learning curve. My problem, […]

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Quitting feels good

I quit.
It took a lot of thought introspection, but I contacted the company that I had signed on to be a spokesperson for, and I quit.  When I took the job in June I was really excited from a professional standpoint–this is a legit modelling/commercial/print campaign.  But, it was for a product I didn’t necessarily […]

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Wii Giveaway & Headstands

Let’s start this week off with a bang shall we?

I have a super awesome giveaway for all you Wii owners.  Sorry non-Wii owners, I will find something to tickle your fancy soon.

I have a copy of the new 10-Minutes Solutions DVD made for Wii.  I’m partial to this video, because I’m partial to Jessica Smith, […]

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Rhinoceri in Tiaras

I literally sat up typing and retyping my Wednesday blog for a couple of hours…sometimes a day is just a day.  I didn’t have any major life epiphanies, or monumental changes to report.  Instead I did normal things like go to work, exercise, eat a lot of fish, and watch Toddlers & Tiaras.
Okay, I’m not […]

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10-Course Kinda Thursday

Okay, I’m going to make you a deal.  I’m going to not eat today, and you’re going to not think I have an eating disorder.

Chances are I will eat, I just can’t imagine that reality right now.

It’s restaurant week here in NYC.  For some reason I thought it would be a brilliant idea to schedule […]

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Tuesday is as Tuesday Does

I got home so late last night that I basically just rolled into bed and took off my pants.  Yeah, I’m classy like that.  If you’ve been chomping at the bit to know what my Tuesday was like, which unless you are my mother (and maybe not even then) I assume you are not, no […]

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Peer Pressure

I almost forgot how unhealthy relationships can be.
I woke up this morning with a solid plan.  Wake up.  Work. Work. Yoga with the man (who has decided he wants his blog nickname to be Achilles–I’m still deciding how I feel about that), then home for more work.

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