Back to Brooklyn, Back to Basics

My little hometown vacation is over, and I appear to be back to my city girl ways. I have to admit that I’m a bit set in my eating and exercising habits, and like most vacations that seems to fall by the wayside when I’m back home for extended periods of time. The first thing I did when I keyed into my apartment was check out the gym schedule for tomorrow. It’s nice to take a few days off to be lazy and eat BBQ, but too much of it gets has feeling icktastic.

After scoping out a spin class for tomorrow, I popped a couple of TUMS (I’m not used to eating that much grease, I’m definitely feeling it) and made a typical Kim-style dinner. As comforting as going home is, coming back feels pretty good too!

How do you keep your vacations healthy?


Doesn’t my mom make the itsy-bitsiest omelets?
I guess this works with my goal to eat smaller meals.


Before I left Long Island for civilization Brooklyn, the folks and I decided to grab lunch. We went somewhere I haven’t been since high school

Short story: When I was in high school I used to consider pancakes my lucky food, so before every audition I would go to IHOP.

Things sure are a lot healthier there now, than they were when I was 16.

Sweet nectar of the gods

Egg beater omelet (I would have preferred egg whites, but beggars can’t be choosers) with spinach, musrhooms and tomato
Fresh fruit salad


By dinner I was pretty psyched to be home and my pangs for a more “normal” life seemed to have subsided. Bring on the subway and bodegas, it’s good to be back in Brooklyn!

Brown rice spaghetti, shrimp and broccoli with garden vegetable pasta sauce


July Resolutions


Can we consider all of June null and consider July a Mulligan month?

June was rough for me in regard to managing expectations: personal and professional. I had a big bump in my workload, and because it’s summer my social life seemed to be a wee bit more demanding than usual. This month I’m going to do something I have never done: I’m going to renew my resolutions two-months in a row. Slightly tweaked, but for the most part the same resolutions, I’m ready to take July by the…fireworks. (Okay, that was lame)

July should run slightly smoother, I have a decent hang on my new writing job, and I’m not going into magazineland again until August. I still have class work (and I’ve signed up for another class starting 7/11) but those are things I need to learn to include into my daily workload better anyhow.

So, without further ado, here are my June July resolutions:

  1. Five workouts a week. Last month I aimed to do split day workouts to keep my energy level up. I still really like that idea, but I’m trying to be more realistic this month about my schedule.
  2. Small frequent meals. I tried this out at the beginning of last month, but eventually just reverted back to my three-meal a day ways. I’m not quite ready to give up this little experiment though. It may be time for me to accept that sometimes things take time, and I can’t always expect to get it right the first time.
  3. Last month I resolved to “Keep alcohol to once a week.” Luckily I’m no longer reviewing bars, so I’m going to try to cut back even more. Summer time often feels like an adventure in cocktail drinking, but I don’t have to drink because everyone else does. I’m 28, not 18, I shouldn’t be quite so susceptible to peer pressure at this age. Plus, alcohol is expensive, dehydrating, and calorie laden—I just don’t need it.
  4. Write a book. Not the whole thing, but I sort of have a deadline to get my chapter outline to my agent by the end of summer. I’m aiming to have one polished sample chapter ready to go by the end of July, and another by the end of August. I may not sell this book, but by golly I’m going to try.
  5. Group fitness. Last month I challenged myself to go to more classes. This month I’m keeping that challenge, and adding the challenge to apply to at least five gyms for subbing positions. Now that my CPR certification is in order, I can start pounding the pavement.

I’m also resolving to blog consistently again. June was full of a lot of late nights, early mornings, and crazy deadlines, but my little blog is like my diary at the end of the day. It’s an indulgence at the end of the day, and without it these past few weeks I’ve been feeling all sorts of cranky.

What are you resolving for July?


Old dog, same old tricks

I was pretty decent at my resolution to eat frequent small meals toward the beginning of the month, but as soon as I landed myself back in a cubicle I reverted right back to my three-meal-a-day ways.

There are two camps on the snacking philosophy: one says that small frequent meals keeps your metabolism firing up, and your blood sugar steady throughout the day, the other says calories are calories and it doesn’t matter how or when you eat them. I don’t know that there’s a right answer, but I do know it takes a while to readjust to a new style of eating, and I haven’t been making that adjustment very easily.

When my tummy starts grumbling I just assume it’s time for my next meal; I’ve always just let my stomach tell me when it was time to eat. I understand the philosophy of not letting yourself get hungry, by snacking, but there’s still a voice inside my head that says “If you’re not hungry, why are you eating.”

Damn that little rational voice. In the meantime, my phone continues to beep every three hours to remind me to snack (which has definitely had its embarrassing moments while out with friends), but as I sit in my cubicle I just ignore it. I may have to pick up this experiment again next week when I’m back to working at home.


Fiber O’s with strawberries and 1% milk
Coffee, glorious coffee.
I’ve stuck with soy and almond milk for so long, I figured it was time to shake things up and go with the cow stuff again. There’s something about cereal that just tastes right with “real” milk, everything else I use milk in tastes better with the almond variety.


I actually made lunch to bring to work today. Look at me being all economical.
Whole grain bread, spinach, ham, mustard


Nothing like a piping hot bowl of soup on a summer’s night J
Hot and sour soup


Part of a complete breakfast dinner

Cheerios and wine. There are certain perks to being an adult, and my dinner tonight is example enough in my book. Don’t worry mom, nothing’s wrong, I’m just lazy.

This week was brutal! I am determined to make full-time freelancing my lifestyle, but I’m definitely experiencing a learning curve. My problem, methinks, is that I haven’t established a routine yet, I’m just running around trying to do everything at once. While I spent many years double dipping in the career department; waking up early to write before leaving for cubicle life, there wasn’t quite as much urgency. If I missed a few posts, no biggie, I had a regular salary to fall back on. Now, my income is reliant on making sure my clients are happy.

My week was spent in meetings, on conference calls, pitching stories, and touching base with editors I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Even folks I work with regularly to make sure they’re still happy with my work. The work day hasn’t been ending at 6pm like it used to either. I took a conference call at 7:30pm tonight. I’m super happy about my life right now, just a tad bit shell shocked. I’m definitely feeling a lot of pressure to have all my ducks in a row. My super-friendly relationship with my landlady depends on it.

When I got home from running around meeting clients today I realized I had a package waiting for me at my door.

My new camera came.

I felt extremely torn when I opened the box. It was 5pm and I still hadn’t had lunch yet—I was starving (I keep a Larabar in my bag at all times, I have no idea why it never actually occurs to me to eat it), but I was anxious to play with my new toy. Luckily for my growling stomach the battery needed charging before use. I threw some chickpeas in the oven for roasting and fell back on my favorite relaxing time activity, being anal retentive.

I have been trying, extremely slow and frugally, to spruce up my home office. I had stopped at The Container Store earlier this week to buy some filing supplies.

I’m doing the best I can to make a cozy and productive work space with the hand-me-down furniture I have. It’s not ideal, but my couch cushions could really use a break—I need to start working from a desk.

Err, it’s getting better. Next I may invest in some cute nobs for that creaky old desk.

I finished filing right in time to scarf down some grub then get back on the phone. I’m so pooped I even turned down a friend’s invitation to go to Hooters. Look outside, those are pigs flying. I’m so glad it’s Friday.


I love refried beans and eggs. Any excuse to eat them I will take it. Today the excuse was breakfast.
Breakfast burrito: whole grain tortilla with refried beans, egg, lite mozzarella, salsa and hot sauce

5pm Lunch

Roasted chickpeas and quinoa (I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired)

9pm Dinner

(Obviously I’m trying to get creative with my new camera. I have no idea what I’m doing)
When all was said and done (literally) all I wanted to do was curl up with a book and a glass of wine. When I realized that a single glass of wine was making me loopy I knew it was time for some more food.

I just didn’t want to have to cook that food.
Honey nut O’s and almond milk was about all I could muster.







Quitting feels good

I quit.

It took a lot of thought introspection, but I contacted the company that I had signed on to be a spokesperson for, and I quit.  When I took the job in June I was really excited from a professional standpoint–this is a legit modelling/commercial/print campaign.  But, it was for a product I didn’t necessarily believe in.  And promoting it goes against everything I preach to myself, and on my blog (which is mostly me preaching to myself), and in my professional writing.  Total conflict of interests.

Still, I told myself from a career standpoint it was a chance I was willing to take.

Well, I don’t think that’s true any more.  I think because I’ve always tried to live a relatively healthy and active lifestyle the changes the company asked me to make didn’t really have the kind of effects they were hoping for, and in time I was cutting more and more out of my diet and exercising more and more.  I just didn’t feel right about promoting this product anymore, so I called them today and told them I was bowing out.  Luckily for me (considering I signed a contract), they were really great about it.

Back to normal eating and normal exercising for me.  Eating and exercise shouldn’t be a source of anxiety, they are some of life’s simplest pleasures–now I’m off to remember that.

Here’s what I ate today:


Whole Grain O’s, strawberries, almond milk


Brussel sprouts

Chocolate covered pretzel with toffee


Started off with a little wine

A friend and I shared edemame and vegetable tempura

Followed by a California roll and salmon-avocado roll


Wii Giveaway & Headstands

Let’s start this week off with a bang shall we?

I have a super awesome giveaway for all you Wii owners.  Sorry non-Wii owners, I will find something to tickle your fancy soon.

I have a copy of the new 10-Minutes Solutions DVD made for Wii.  I’m partial to this video, because I’m partial to Jessica Smith, the instructor.  Look, I never said I didn’t play favorites, and Jessica is definitely one of my favorite DVD instructors.

One lucky person will win a copy of 10-Minute Solutions Knockout Body, which can be used with or without the Wii Fit board.  In the comments tell me why you love your Wii and if you use it to workout.  I’ll choose a winner next Monday.

Now, onto life.  This weekend was full of food and more than a little fun.  I went out to the Hamptons on Saturday for my friend’s baby shower.  She’s the cutest/most-rational pregnant woman I have ever seen.  I can’t wait to babysit!

There was a ton of amazing food at the party, and I ate my weights worth in BBQ.  I burned a little off with hula hooping though:

and headstanding…

Please excuse the quasi-flashing action happening here.  Damn gravity.

I continued working off some of that BBQ at the gym Monday morning.  Then spent the rest of my day writing, writing, writing, with a little eating thrown in for good measure.


Shredded wheat with almond milk and banana


Vegetable barley soup (I <3 my crockpot)

Grilled turkey breast


Apple sauce and almonds


I didn’t take pictures of dinner because I was out and about and it would have been weird had I broken out my camera.  I did however have:

Wine, Cheese, Bread, Pizza (which is also basically cheese and bread)

Yup, I’m a beacon of health.


Rhinoceri in Tiaras

I literally sat up typing and retyping my Wednesday blog for a couple of hours…sometimes a day is just a day.  I didn’t have any major life epiphanies, or monumental changes to report.  Instead I did normal things like go to work, exercise, eat a lot of fish, and watch Toddlers & Tiaras.

Okay, I’m not exactly proud of the Toddlers & Tiaras part, it’s like a train wreck, it’s too awful for words and yet I just couldn’t stop watching.  Does anyone else think that children are like little drunk people?  And well, there really aren’t words strong enough for the parents on that show.  Methinks that if your natural inclination toward child rearing is to dress your child up in provocative clothing, have them don wigs, fake teeth, and more make-up than a transvestite at a Las Vegas cabaret, then perhaps you should be sterilized.  It’s just soooooo creepy.

Speaking of birth control, I also saw this commercial which I thought was weirdly hilarious:

In case you’ve never gone through the process of choosing a form of contraception, know this, it’s a lot like feeling up a rhinoceros with a blind-folded group of girlfriends.  Fun for everyone!

Like I said, there wasn’t exactly a ton going on in my brain yesterday, but here’s the inner workings of my digestive track for you:


Shredded wheat with strawberries and almond milk

AM Snack

Almond butter and apple


Salad with lettuce, cucumber, carrots, chickpeas, beets, tuna, sunflower seeds
Lemon vinaigrette

Afternoon Snack

Baby carrots and hummus


Grilled Mahi Mahi
Baked Cauliflower


10-Course Kinda Thursday

Okay, I’m going to make you a deal.  I’m going to not eat today, and you’re going to not think I have an eating disorder.

Chances are I will eat, I just can’t imagine that reality right now.

It’s restaurant week here in NYC.  For some reason I thought it would be a brilliant idea to schedule two three-course meals for one day.  Why?  Because if I’m going to indulge I may as well get it all over with in one fell swoop.

Hmm, now that I see it written that’s a pretty silly theory.  I will admit that I cannot always trust my own judgement…either way, yesterday was a delicious day.  A filling day, and based on my normal three-square-meals a day lifestyle I’ve eaten enough for 2 whole days (plus some).  Yes, I am an overachiever.

I spent my lunch hour (ahem, hour +) noshing with my aunt.  She took me to Brasserie 8 1/2, it was goodish.  I thought the ambiance was a bit “upscale airport lounge”-ish, not really the type of restaurant that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  The dessert was a bit too sweet for my taste, but the lamb was lovely and the cauliflower soup that started the meal was good.  I’ve never been so thankful for small portions.

For dinner, I met up with Anna.  I met Anna through my blog!  Hi Anna! We work in the same area so we decided to meet up for dinner at Dawat, a “fine-dining” Indian restaurant.  Quotations because that’s what they call themselves, it was a nice restaurant but I hardly felt out of place which is how I usually feel at fine dining joints.

The company was lovely and so was the food.  By the end though, I was struggling to stay awake (no reflection on you Anna), and hailed a cab which I promptly napped all the way home in.

I ate sooooo much yesterday, and now I’m feeling more motivated than ever to get back to my happy weight.  I’ve gained quite a bit of weight this year, and honestly I think I’ve had enough indulging for a while.

Achilles lives in a building with a gym so I told him I may start using him for his treadmill.  Tomorrow morning we’re going on a joint indoor run.  Yeah, we’re romantic like that.

Here’s the food…all of it:


Oatmeal with reduced fat sour cream
Coffee with soy milk


Passion fruit lemonade

Cauliflower soup

Morrocan lamb stew over quinoa

Pear tart, I didn’t eat most of it


Happy hour Harp pre-dinner

Rioja with dinner

Saag Pakoras

Shrimp tikki masala with basmati rice

Golub jamon


Tuesday is as Tuesday Does

I got home so late last night that I basically just rolled into bed and took off my pants.  Yeah, I’m classy like that.  If you’ve been chomping at the bit to know what my Tuesday was like, which unless you are my mother (and maybe not even then) I assume you are not, no worries I’ve got a recap for you.

Last night was fun, I was part of a sketch comedy  competition.  I was a little tentative going in because we’d basically re-written our sketch last week and hadn’t rehearsed it since, but it turned out really well and we were actually a finalist at the end.  The scene that won was better, but I was pretty proud of our performance.  We’re performing it again this Sunday at a cabaret type show.

Dinner was comedy club salad, but honestly as far as comedy clubs go, the food wasn’t that bad…I was surprised.  With each purchase people got a ticket and there was a raffle at the end of the show and I won!

I never win anything, but this wasn’t my thing, so I just remained sitting.  You see, the winner(s) have to get on stage and play flip-cup for a chance to win money.  It may sound strange, seeing as how I’m an actor and get on stage all the time, but when I’m not performing I would rather not be up in front of a room full of people.  Achilles took my place, even though he’d never played before.  I appreciated that, I’d had enough limelight for the day.

After the show we went to a hookah bar.  I’m not a huge fan of smoking things, so I mostly just hung out and sipped a soda.  Yeah, I’m a wild one.  Can’t tame me!


Egg white omelet with mushrooms, onion, and goat cheese.  Topped with avocado.
Coffee with soy milk


The last of the vegetable soup
Whole wheat pita with hummus


Sorry about the glaring flash, the club was dark.  I couldn’t even see the salad while eating it.

Salad with walnuts, chicken, blue cheese, tomato, lettuce, apple, and some sort of vinaigrette


Peer Pressure

I almost forgot how unhealthy relationships can be.

I woke up this morning with a solid plan.  Wake up.  Work. Work. Yoga with the man (who has decided he wants his blog nickname to be Achilles–I’m still deciding how I feel about that), then home for more work.

Unfortunately, my plans were sidelined.  He was hungry when we met and wanted dinner.  I tried to note that eating before yoga is a bad idea, but he was hungry, so I ordered some sorbet and mostly just swirled it around while he ate a salad.  After the salad was completed he agreed with me that eating before yoga was a bad idea, and we decided that mayhap yoga would be something I do on my own for now on…and why don’t we go see Sherlock Holmes.

My workout today was non-existant, and the dinner of grilled chicken and salad I was planning on was replaced by mango sorbet and movie theatre pretzel nuggets.

I sort forgot about this aspect of relationships–the eating negotiations. Something to work on, definitely.  I don’t know that I’ve ever mastered it in my previous relationships, but I’m determined to get the hang of it this time.

Smoothie w/banana, frozen strawberries, soy milk and protein powder
Yup, I’m still eating that vegetable soup!
Whole wheat pita & hummus
Mango Sorbet
and some pretzel nuggets (not pictured)