Quitting feels good

I quit.

It took a lot of thought introspection, but I contacted the company that I had signed on to be a spokesperson for, and I quit.  When I took the job in June I was really excited from a professional standpoint–this is a legit modelling/commercial/print campaign.  But, it was for a product I didn’t necessarily believe in.  And promoting it goes against everything I preach to myself, and on my blog (which is mostly me preaching to myself), and in my professional writing.  Total conflict of interests.

Still, I told myself from a career standpoint it was a chance I was willing to take.

Well, I don’t think that’s true any more.  I think because I’ve always tried to live a relatively healthy and active lifestyle the changes the company asked me to make didn’t really have the kind of effects they were hoping for, and in time I was cutting more and more out of my diet and exercising more and more.  I just didn’t feel right about promoting this product anymore, so I called them today and told them I was bowing out.  Luckily for me (considering I signed a contract), they were really great about it.

Back to normal eating and normal exercising for me.  Eating and exercise shouldn’t be a source of anxiety, they are some of life’s simplest pleasures–now I’m off to remember that.

Here’s what I ate today:


Whole Grain O’s, strawberries, almond milk


Brussel sprouts

Chocolate covered pretzel with toffee


Started off with a little wine

A friend and I shared edemame and vegetable tempura

Followed by a California roll and salmon-avocado roll



  1. good for you! But yes, these are tough choices for actresses. I once got a gig hocking diet pills. They were all natural (no “natural speed” ingredients mostly cinnamon and licorice root which supposedly numbs the parts that signal hunger or something) and they actually worked a little. I lost a couple pounds. What I liked most were that they made your breath fresh. ;-) but the second part of the system was this cream that you rub in and then wrap you in saran wrap and you “instantly” lose inches. That also worked but the effects were pretty un-noticable to me unless you went around asking people to measure you with a tape measure. Anyway, it was embarrassing and not something I really wanted to advocate so, after that I’ve turned down any job that goes against the overall message I want to put out there to the world. So, I say Kudos to you! That was a tough choice and I’m so glad that in the end you stayed true to yourself. :)


  2. Good for you, Kim. I’m proud of you for standing up for your beliefs, however I feel it is necessary for me to inform you that Brussel Sprouts are not a snack. They are disgusting and ought not be ingested by humans. Beyond that I’m totally with you.


    Kimberly Rae Miller Reply:

    Oh, but they’re so cute. They’re like little baby cabbages. Also, thank you :)


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