April 2016 Resolutions

New month, new resolutions. Here's what I'm resolving for April 2016.

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5 Things (No One Tells You) You’ll Need During Pregnancy

I promise that my blog won’t turn into a “let me talk about being knocked up 100% of the time” diatribe, but being pregnant is probably the most interesting thing going on in my life these days and there are somethings I’ve been thinking about for a while now: No one tells you about the […]

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The Day of Atonement

Hey Friends,

Long time no write. I have had a crazy couple of months with a book deadline, speaking engagements, and an article for a magazine I had to whip up on short notice, and all the craziness that my life consists of on a daily basis. I know that there are some writers out there […]

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The Fella and I have been back in New York for a few days now, and our return was anything but gentle. We had some travel drama in Russia that made for a teary flight home. All turned out okay in the end, but it was a super dramatic way to end our trip.

And then […]

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March 2015 Resolutions


Oh crap, it’s March.

Where is this year going?  How do I stop making it move so fast?

February was a blur of writing and travel (yay, Puerto Rico!) and this month will be the same (yay, Israel!). Basically, I’m just trying to escape the glacier that has eaten my city.

After a very productive flight to Puerto […]

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Snow Day

Well, we survived the great blizzard of 2015 (we got a whopping five inches of snow). I’ll admit that I wasn’t really all that concerned about the snow, I kind of had a feeling it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Our news media has some Boy Who Cried Wolf tendencies when it comes to weather reporting, […]

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A Fit and Friendly Competition (and a Giveaway Winner)

First things first. Thank you all for entering the Weight Watchers Pick Your Spot Stability Ball Kit giveaway. Don’t be bummed if you didn’t win, I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff in my fitness trove I’m prepping to giveaway this year, so keep checking in for new giveaways. Or, follow me on Facebook, where […]

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The Honeymoon is Over. Literally not figuratively.


Hi Friends,

 I’m back. Well, I’ve been back for a few days, but in denial about the whole honeymoon thing being over. I would like to always be honeymooning. I don’t think The Fella and I realized how little quality time we get with one another until we actually had time to ourselves. Friday night is […]

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Showering, Celebrities and Reverse Dieting

Kinda left you all hanging there, didn’t I?

Well, in my defense it’s been a busy week. A lot has happened.

My nearest and dearest friends threw me an absolutely lovely bridal shower. I really couldn’t have asked for more and it was so sweet and I felt very loved…and very prepared (at least when it […]

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April Resolutions: Morning is Where Exercise Lives

I woke up this morning full of vim and vigor.
Who am I kidding, I woke up at 5AM and was a total zombie as I made my way to the gym. Still, I was excited, because today is April 1st.


While I plotted my way through deadlifts and kettlebell squats I let my mind wander back […]

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