Raffle to Cure Cancer…And Read on a Pretty New Kindle

As many of you know, at least those of you who have been reading The Kim Challenge for a while now, I am incredibly passionate about the charities I support.  Before I worked as a writer full-time, I worked in the non-profit arena, raising money primarily for health organizations.

Well, I don’t sit in a cube […]

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We Have a Winner

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you who donated to the Coach for a Cause Raffle. Together we raised over $1000 that will go toward cancer research, treatment, and patient outreach. You rock!

While I’m still fundraising, the bag raffle ended this morning. I wish I had a bag I could send to every […]

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48 Hours Left–Don’t Forget to Enter the Coach for a Cause Raffle!

Thank you to all of you have donated to my Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraiser, the Coach Bag (Ashley Leather Swingpack, Retail value $168.00) raffle has raised almost $1000! That money will go toward cancer research, treatment, and patient outreach.

I won’t announce a winner until Saturday morning, so there’s still time to enter! You can […]

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Raffle to Raise Money…and Accessorize

Hey Kim Challengers,

As you know I’ve been working hard training for my half-marathon, but I’m still sluggish in the fundraising department. I feel awkward asking ya’ll for money without giving you something in return, so I’m raffling off a beautiful *Brand New* Coach Bag (Ashley Leather Swingpack, Retail value $168.00).

You can win this bag for […]

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Month One Review of Team in Training

I have officially been participating in Team-in-Training for one month. I happened to pick the race with the longest lead time, so that I could spend a decent amount of time being spastic, which means I have three-and-a-half full months to go. I need every second of that time.

Before I took the plunge and signed […]

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You know you’re a grown up when…

Now that I’m in my final week of my 20s (my 30th birthday is this Sunday…eek/yippee!) I’m pretending to be mature, at least in matters of my health and well-being  Before I started training for my half-marathon I noticed that an old hip injury had flared up…now, since I hadn’t started training for the race yet […]

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First Run Down, Four More Months to Go

Yesterday was my first group training run for Team-in-Training. I was a bit trepidatious about the whole thing, seeing as how it has been quite a while since I left the comfort of the treadmill and ran outside for any considerable distance. Lucky for me, we didn’t run a considerable distance; the run itself was […]

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Let the Games Begin

Last night was the kickoff of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training Spring 2013 Season. I got a spiffy new running shirt, met my teammates, and listened to some really sweet/tragic/hopeful testimonies from the people that this charity helps every day with the money raised from events like the one I’m participating in this […]

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Training to be 30

It has already been established that I run, but that I am not a runner.

So, why in the world did I sign up for a half-marathon?

The answer is easy: I’m turning 30. Okay, maybe the answer is short, not easy. Nothing about running a half-marathon is easy. And nothing about why I signed up for […]

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