Apps for Getting Active in the New Year…or whenever

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 One of the most notable changes in my person over the last few months is a serious shift from my former perfectionist tendencies. It used to be that I followed […]

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And that’s a Wrap: Day 3 of the BluePrint Foundation Cleanse

Day three of the BluePrint Foundation cleanse, and my juicing journey is coming to an end…for now. Day three is when you’re supposed to feel all enlightened and energetic. I did not feel exhausted today, but I wouldn’t exactly say that I was energetic. I was functionally functional. And as for enlightenment, I may or […]

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Review: BluePrint Foundation Cleanse Day 2

Today is day two of my BluePrint Cleanse. I hopped on the scale this morning (I know, that’s anti New Year Resolution, but a girl needs data to report to the blogosphere). I’m down 3lbs since yesterday.

Don’t get too excited and run out to Whole Foods and pick up $10 bottles of juice, it’s all […]

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Review of Day One: The BluePrint Foundation Cleanse

 This has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just thought it was funny.
 I’m starting to think that juice cleanses are like sex.
The first time you do one it’s awkward and miserable and you think you must be doing everything wrong because everyone else loves it and you, well you think you must be […]

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I Made Spaghetti out of vegetables -OR- A Review of the GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter

Oh, hey.  I’m back in New york.  And…I cooked dinner.

If you’ve been reading this blog for years, you would know that this is not a big deal. If you’ve only been reading this blog for a month or so, you might think that I’ve never set foot in a kitchen–this is because my summer has […]

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Color Me Disappointed: Review of Brooklyn’s Color Run

Last weekend I fulfilled a lifelong dream.  Okay, not lifelong, like six-month long, which is long enough for most things that I find out about on the Internet.

I am, of course, talking about participating in the Color Run.

I’m pretty sure I heard about this laundry affirming race from other healthy living blogs.  I like trends.  […]

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Goodbye Body Media, Hello Fitbit


My life was forever changed in 2010, that was the year I discovered the BodyMedia band (Here’s my initial review).  You may have seen it on the contestants of Biggest Loser.  It’s an armband that functions as a pedometer, while measuring your heart rate and doing something magical with your sweat (I don’t know what, […]

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Ellie Fitness Wear Review


Let’s face it, when you hobble into the gym on crutches people are going to stare at you.  So, you may as well look good.

Truth be told, I probably have more spandex pants than anyone over the age of eight should legally be allowed to.  I let myself slide on this, because under normal circumstances […]

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Interview with Jen Larsen, Author of Stranger Here

Once upon a time in an Internet far, far away, I was hired to host an online talk show for a website owned and operated by Condé Nast called Elastic Waist. You know this story, so I’ll make this quick. Almost a year into hosting, my producer called to ask if I’d like to start […]

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(It’s an honor just to be nominated) Top 100 Fitness Sites of 2013

I’m incredibly flattered and grateful to have been nominated as one of the Top Health and Fitness Blog of 2013. 

Christy and Mike at Leap Fitness have put together a list of 100 fantastic fitness blogs. Which I definitely recommend you checking out; you may discover a new blog that you’ll love incorporating into your daily reading list.

There’s […]

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