Foolproof beans, even a fool can make

Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you…HEY, BEANS AREN’T FRUIT.  Ugh, I hate it when sophomoric rhyme schemes are factually incorrect.  Beans are legumes and they are wonderful little nuggets of protein and fiber and carbohydrate.  In fact, beans may just be natures most perfectest food.

Not only are they the mitochondria of the food chain (for all you non science geeks out there, that’s nerd slang for ‘powerhouse’), they are truly unbelievably affordable.  Seriously a two pound bag of these suckers at your local Indian super market (or a one pound bag of them at your local mainstream supermarket) costs under a dollar.  For a girl that’s currently wallet conscious, that’s a whole lot of comfort, and beano to take in.

The major problem I find with beans in their dried state is that they’re hard to make.  You have to soak them overnight, then you have to boil the up and stir them and sometimes some get tender and some stay rocklike until your sauce pan is burnt beyond recognition.  Well, I’ve got just about the easiest, most sure-fired-ness way to make beans from scratch.  No can opener necessary, and no weird creepy goo to drain out.

The answer to your bean making prayers…a slow cooker.  That’s right the slow cooker that you bought because you thought it would be the bestest idea ever, then put in the attic and forgot about, yup that slow cooker.  Here’s your fool proof bean preparing plan:


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Daily Confessional 12.17.08: Keep on keepin' on

Hmmm, my interview yesterday seemed like a one night stand, wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  I got the impression that they already found someone they liked before meeting with me and was just going through the motions with the rest of their interviews.  It happens, I just wish they had cancelled instead of wasting my […]

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Daily Confessional 12.16.08: Sing-a-long Tuesday

Today will be quite a busy day; I have an interview at 3:30 then I’m meeting with friends for a girls night at the opera.  I may spend a fair portion of the day looking for a restaurant for pre opera eating-I mean it’ll be a 5-hour show so I’ll need something to hold me […]

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Daily Confessional 12.1.08: Beginning of the end of 2008

Wow, can  you believe it’s December ’08 already?  Man, time flies when you’re a grown up with real world responsibilities.  I’m still full from dinner last night.  I may try to take it easy on the eating today, at least until my normal hunger cues return.   While on Long Island this weekend I stocked up […]

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Daily Confessional 8.25.08, Weekend in Review, Chickpea & Eggplant Stew Recipe

Comment from last week:
Elaine: In regard to my food choices; I’d like to think that the majority of my adult life I’ve made fairly healthy eating choices. I started really focusing on healthy eating in college, albeit my idea of what is healthy has evolved over the years. I try to mainly stick […]

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What's Cooking?

I don’t think I have it in me for another week of turkey sandwiches.  I noticed that the SELF challenge allows for vegetarian chili.  They suggest different brands you can buy, but honestly the idea of chili from a can grosses me out.  So, I hit up one of my favorite vegetarian cookbooks and came […]

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