Carrot Cake Protein Muffins

I don’t mean to play favorites, but of all Jamie Eason’s homemade protein bar concoctions these are the best.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a bit of a fitness crush on Jamie Eason. She’s a fitness model, writer, and über helpful Facebooker. I don’t’ know her, so I’m not plugging a friend here, I just […]

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Recipe: Carrot and Parsnip Slow Cooker Soup

Last week, hungry for some fresh produce and with relatively little time to go grocery shopping, I cashed in a Groupon for organic grocery delivery. The delivery service works sort of like a CSA, only the produce doesn’t come from one specific farm; it’s just organic fare at a discounted rate because it’s bought in […]

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Stop: Pancake Time

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and I’m spending my day writing about some emotionally harrowing stuff. I think this calls for comfort food.

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, but that doesn’t mean that omelets, waffles, and pancakes need be pigeon-holed to the wee hours of the morning. Today I made […]

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Recipe: Chocolate Protein Muffins

 Long time readers may have noticed recently that I’ve upped my already pretty regular gym schedule; this is all part of Operation Hottest Bridesmaid Ever.

I have eight weeks left until I win the wedding get to celebrate two of my closest friends and the most beautiful relationship I’ve ever seen. I’ve worked hard over the […]

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Homemade Lemon Protein Bars

Here’s the thing about exercise: You need to eat after you do it.

I know this sounds all sorts of counterintuitive to people that are exercising to lose weight, “Err, I just burned a whole bunch of calories, why can’t I revel in that glory for a bit?”

Because there’s a window of about an hour after […]

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Destitution Diet: Berrylicious Scones

Back in my Elastic Waist days I used to write a series of recipe posts based on my trials and tribulations trying to eat all healthy-like on a fixed income.
Well, for the past few years, my income has been sufficient enough to keep me in overpriced baking powder, and I really haven’t given too much […]

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Hanukkah Drinking Game

I love dorky Jewish boys, can’t help it, it’s in my blood.  I love when the guy spills jelly on his lap!  I would totally do that.

This is a fuzzy picture of my dreidel.  I was not drunk, but my camera was.

With this dreidel I made up a Hanukkah drinking game at my friend’s birthday […]

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Kim Hearts Lentils

This is the portion of the day where I use my blog for shameless self-promotion.  ‘My movie’ (aka the film I have a supporting roll in), Colin Hearts Kay is going to be all over the place this week!   It’s making appearances in Philadelphia, New York, and San Diego.

If you live in those areas […]

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Pictures and Pumpkin Soup

Post Friday night bachelorette party I went home to visit the folks and get ready for Sunday’s wedding.  I proceeded to spend a good portion of Saturday playing dress up in the KMart Halloween section.  I’m basically an overgrown five year old.
By Sunday night it was time to put on my big girl clothes and […]

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Say Hello to My Little Friend


Saturday morning the doorbell rang and the friendly neighborhood Fed Ex guy handed me a box. . .a box containing my new favorite toy.

The Body Media Fit system, complete with arm band and display.  This little sucker straps on to your arm 24 hours a day and tells you everything you ever wanted […]

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