2015 Resolutions + FIT 2015 GIVEAWAY

Happy New Year…almost!

Thankfully I’m past the age where I don’t have to stand around crowded parties or bars wearing seasonably inappropriate attire. We’re heading to some friends for a quiet New Year’s celebration with take-out and Netflix.

I’m not cool. I get that. I like it that way.

Anyhoo, it’s my holiday. I look forward to New […]

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Interview with Rebecca Jaycox, author of ‘The Other Inheritance.’ GIVEAWAY

The Kim Challenge has changed a bit over years, as I have. It’s no longer a daily account of what I eat (although, I do try to update that once and while), but more of a look into my day-to-day trials, tribulations, and the wonderful and funny things that happen along the way–with a few […]

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Kindle Fire Winner!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I have all sorts of news to update you on, and plan on blogging full-throttle again once Turkey Day has been conquered.

In the meantime I wanted to announce the Kindle Fire Raffle winner.

Lucky donor 11: 

Fear not if you didn’t win, I’m always giving away something.  Usually I do so without a cost, I […]

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Raffle to Cure Cancer…And Read on a Pretty New Kindle

As many of you know, at least those of you who have been reading The Kim Challenge for a while now, I am incredibly passionate about the charities I support.  Before I worked as a writer full-time, I worked in the non-profit arena, raising money primarily for health organizations.

Well, I don’t sit in a cube […]

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There’s nothing to fear…but maps and clowns

More on Oregon later, first things first, let’s get down to picking a Self FitKit winner…


Emily, expect an email from me requesting your mailing address!
Everyone else, stay tuned, there are more giveaways up my sleeve.

Okay, now back to regularly scheduled blogging.

The Fella paid me a pretty interesting compliment the other day, and it got me […]

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SELF Workout in the Park Giveaway!


I know, I’m the worst blogger every. To make it up to you I’m going to give you stuff.

Because…It’s my favorite time of year…that’s not my birthday! Once again it’s time for the Self magazine Workout in the Park.  It’s like an outdoor exercise party with famous people.  This year’s celebrity hosts are Shay Mitchell […]

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