Captain Cardio to the Rescue!

I blame the rain entirely!

Saturday was all doomy and gloomy in my little part of the earth. When you wake up to the sound of a torrential down-pouring the idea of putting on some rain boots and trekking the 1.2 miles to the gym (a walk I usually really enjoy) for a go on […]

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The Tao of Weight Loss

Lately I’ve been joking that I’m trying to lose weight for my friend’s wedding, but truthfully I am trying to take off a little bit of unhappy weight. In general I’m good at maintaining my weight and lifestyle fairly easily, but the last few months at my job were really hard on me physically. I was totally depressed, and it showed. I gained about 10lbs: I worked out less, I slept more, in fact I just about fused with the couch, and sought serious comfort in the office vending machine. I’m feeling pretty good about my life now, and don’t think it will be too hard to take off that cranky weight. Still, whenever my pants start feeling tighter I definitely am reminded of the many years I felt like it was me against my body.

A few years ago, right before I started this blog I lost about 30lbs. I didn’t do it by dieting; I did it by simply living. In fact, it was the first time in my life I can remember not being on a diet. I was just really happy, and because I was happy I started making better decisions when it came to food, exercise, and sleep. It was a huge change in my life, and now that I’m looking at 10lbs I want to nix, I can’t help but be reminded of some of the lessens I learned from that experience. They are true for me. They may not be true for you, but I figured I would share them.

In commandment form of course:

Thou shalt not go to extremes. In my experience extremes just don’t work. I love a good diet book (I’m reading two right now), I read them like they’re romance novels. They’re juicy, dramatic, and leave you feeling all warm and hopeful inside. But there really aren’t any quick fixes, well quick fixes that last anyway. My theory about weight loss is ‘easy off, easy back on’. Here’s the deal, and methinks you already know it: Increased physical activity creates lasting impact on your muscle tone—more muscle mass equals higher metabolism. At the same time, if you cut calories too drastically (or burn too many calories to the point where you’re running at too high a deficit) your metabolism with freak out, it will diminish to keep you from starving to death and that will backfire the next time you’re confronted with a milkshake. Exercising and eating within a healthy calorie range for weight loss, is better for you in the long run. It means you can have that milkshake every so often without guilt because your metabolism will be running on all cylinders. Who doesn’t love milkshakes? Mmm, milkshakes.
Thou shalt like you–you right now. It’s pretty silly to hold off on liking yourself until you’re whatever predetermined number you’ve established for self-love. You rock now, you’ll rock then, and you’ll rock all the time in between. I hate to break it to you but all that crap people say about your life not being better when you’re a size X isn’t true. Your life is better when you’re happy, when you’re confident and comfortable in your own skin. People are nicer, you’re more gregarious, the world is a happier place, but it’s not actually because of the number on the tag in your jeans—it’s because you like you. Who hasn’t experienced that blissful dieters high? Why not cut out the middle man and start having all those perks now? No one cares as much about your weight as you do. Really, I wouldn’t lie to you. […]

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Musical Interlude

Dirty little secret: I have terrible taste in music.

It’s true. I admit it, and I’m more than a little self-conscious about this fact. I listen to current music, and like it, but never really pay attention to artists or the names of songs, which means the only music I have access to on […]

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Supreme 90 Day Review and Giveaway

When I first got my copy of the Supreme 90 Day System, I thought, ‘Great, a P90X wannabe.’

I actually don’t think there’s anything wrong with wannabes, but these two 90-day systems hold their own, and deserve individual attention.

I will say this however: Supreme 90-Day is about $120 cheaper than P90X. You can buy the […]

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Special Delivery

My certification manual arrived in the mail yesterday!

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DVD Review: Look Better Naked

Would it be a well-rounded review if I just wrote “Buy this!”?

Okay, probably not, but that’s my overall sentiment.

I read just about every fitness magazine there is, everything from ubiquitous mags like  SELF, SHAPE, and Fitness to the slightly more hardcore Oxygen and Muscle and Fitness Hers. If there’s a health and fitness magazine out there, I […]

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Know vs Feel

Anyone else sporting a post-holiday muffin top?

Yes, I believe in body acceptance, a healthy but not extreme lifestyle, and all around gentleness in the way we treat ourselves.  Still, gaining weight sucks.  Fact of life, and I was most definitely not immune over the holidays.

Sure my rational mind says “Don’t worry, be happy, […]

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DVD Review: Element Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility

You know how most yoga DVDs are titled something along the lines of  “Yoga for Stress Relief/Weight Loss/Flexibility/Upper Body/Lower Body/Abs/Confidence/House Painting”?  Usually they just end up being the same couple of sun salutations with a triangle and tree pose thrown in for good measure.

Yes, we can credit yoga with everything under the sun, but the […]

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Back with my X

I’m pretty sure my mother just had a heart attack…I don’t mean a romantic ex, I’m talking P90X.

As part of my job over at Social Workout I’m leading a fitness challenge.  Starting November 1st I’ll be doing P90X (again) and supporting anyone else who wants to get fit during the holiday season.  By Valentine’s Day […]

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Ain’t No Sunshine

This is totally my favorite song ever.  Maybe he’s really singing about seasonal affective disorder.

I think I may need to move to Alaska, or somewhere with more reliable sunrises (or lack thereof).

I have never, in all my years of gym going been able to stick to any sort of “schedule.”  Try as I might to […]

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