Dare to be Un-Pretty: What working out REALLY looks like

I’m about to go where no woman has gone before.

I’m putting a whole bunch of unflattering pictures of myself in spandex on the Internet.

Crazy, I know, but I’m doing it for a good reason.  Someone, and it may as well be me, has to look un-gorgeous when they exercise.  I read just about every fitness […]

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It’s All in the Timing: Cardio and Strength Training

Cardio and strength training are both important parts of a healthy lifestyle, but can you combine them?

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SELF Workout in the Park Giveaway


It’s that time of year again!

What time of year? You may ask.

Oh right,  it’s the time of year to get simultaneously sweaty, pretty, and well-fed in a park.

I go to the Self Workout in the Park almost every year. It combines a few of my favorite things: exercise (instruction provided by my favorite chain of […]

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Guest Post: Instead of a New Year’s Resolution—a New RESOLVE

Get in Shape and Stay in Shape with Simple Principles and Hard Work

Hello. As you may have guessed by the little muscle man icon below, I’m not Kim. So first, introductions are in order. I’m the guy Kim has been referring to as her fella these past few months. And since she invited me to guest-write for The Kim Challenge, I figured the “Fitness Fella” had a nice ring to it. But you can call me Roy.

And why, exactly, did Kim ask me to write here? I’m glad you asked. My quick bio blurb: I’ve been a personal trainer and health & fitness journalist for 11 years now. I’m a vet (boom-boom, not mew-mew), have a B.Sc./B.Ed. in Exercise Physiology with a major in Kinesiology and minor in Performance Nutrition, grad coursework in Physical Therapy and Biomechanics & Ergonomics, and a bunch of eclectic certifications like Pilates, Pre & Post Natal Exercise, Silver & Golden Age Populations, Krav Maga, etc. I’m not a proponent of any one school of thought of exercise or diet; find what works for you, just keep at it.

That’s me (my grandma taught me a gentleman introduces himself first). You are, naturally, the adoring fans of the effervescent Ms. Miller. Aren’t we all. [editor’s note: aww, blushing]

Now, on to business. If you’re a Kim reader, it’s a safe bet you know the basics; salad good, donut bad. Water good, Coke bad. Walking good, TV zombie bad. So I want to go a step further here, and focus less on the what and more on the how. It’s the difference between results and great results. Being result-oriented in your diet and exercise sounds obvious, right? But how many times have you hit the gym and spin classes for weeks on end, only to lose five meager pounds? Or watched what you ate, avoided temptations, and did lose some weight—but then gained it all back? Many times it’s because a lot of your energy is wasted in the wrong direction, and not enough is channeled in the right direction. So atten-hut, soldier! I’m going to debrief you on the winning strategy for strength training, cardio, diet, and their reciprocation.


First Things First: Correctly Defining Your Goals



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Win a Box O’Fitness

One of my personal resolutions this year, one that I didn’t post in my New Year’s Resolutions post, is to get back to reviewing DVDs regularly.  My life has been all sorts of hectic lately, but I really do have a passion for home fitness.  I think exercise DVDs are the bomb-diggity, and a great […]

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Ab-solutely Ab-tastic Ab Workouts

This is most definitely a stock photo and NOT at all representative of my abdominal region

Confession: I hate ab work. I do, it’s uncomfortable. I like feeling the burn in my arms, legs, butt, and back, but I’m a total weeny when it comes to ab workouts.

Having confessed that, I do have my fair share […]

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I’ll take a treadmill, hold the weirdness

As I’ve mentioned before, Crunch is sort of my patron saint of exercise. I’m lucky enough to have an all-access pass to their gyms in NYC, and I’ve definitely been making use of it. Especially since the magazine I’ve been working at is in Midtown East, and the fella lives on the Upper West Side. […]

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Kim’s Fav Five Fitness DVDs

It’s been a while since I wrote a listy type post, and since I’m currently not particularly into blogging my food intake, I figured this is the perfect opportunity to up my useful information quotient.

It may have been mentioned, once, twice, or 9,000 times on here that my library of exercise DVDs is quite extensive, […]

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How I’m Spending Saturday

Spandex Saturdays!

I spent today in Spin Instructor Orientation. Nine hours of alternating lecture and riding—not a bad way to spend a Saturday.
Now I have to do a little studying and take the certification exam.
What’s keeping you busy this weekend?

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SELF Workout in the Park Giveaway

You know what I love?

The SELF Workout in the Park.  I try to make it the event in New York City every year.  It really is a ton of fun.  Instructors from Crunch fitness (my gym!) teach mini classes in the park, there are tons of giveaways, but the best part is that there’s this […]

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