Apps for Getting Active in the New Year…or whenever

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 One of the most notable changes in my person over the last few months is a serious shift from my former perfectionist tendencies. It used to be that I followed […]

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21-Day Fix Review: The Start of a 50 lb weight loss


I’ve been on a diet since I was about seven. I actually write a lot about my disordered dieting history in my next book, so I’m not going to go into it completely here, but just know that I’ve spent almost the whole of my life obsessing over my weight. For the most part I’d […]

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Excuse Proof Your Workout

While I have cut back on exercise (Nutritionist’s orders) I still exercise about five times a week, I’m just more focused on strength and interval training than steady state cardio. Regardless of the workout in question, sometimes, heck most times, the hardest part of the workout is just getting to the gym. I like to excuse proof […]

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Is a Gym Membership Necessary?

After our romantic anniversary dinner, I promptly came home, took a shower, and fell asleep in my bathrobe. Poor Roy. I’m pretty sure taking this picture is his revenge for my lack of romance.
I’m about to say something I never thought I’d say: I’m starting to think a gym membership is unnecessary.

I mean, I know […]

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Color Me Disappointed: Review of Brooklyn’s Color Run

Last weekend I fulfilled a lifelong dream.  Okay, not lifelong, like six-month long, which is long enough for most things that I find out about on the Internet.

I am, of course, talking about participating in the Color Run.

I’m pretty sure I heard about this laundry affirming race from other healthy living blogs.  I like trends.  […]

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Lessons from the Saddle

I’m back from my itch-induced hiatus. Still itchy, less bumpy. My doctor took a skin sample to biopsy and some blood samples to test for immune disorders, and in the meantime I’m on a steady diet of antihistamines and cortisone cream.

Basically, I’m like a stoner, minus the drugs. Well, illegal drugs.

If I start rocking dreadlocks […]

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Guest Post: How to Choose a Good Personal Trainer

A Few Tips to Help You Find That Special Someone….
By Roy the “Fitness Fella”
Hello again, friends, fans and followers of Kim. It’s been a year now since I last blogged on The Kim Challenge, and the lady asked that I contribute again. To those who are new to the blog, just stopping by, or don’t […]


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This is what 30 Looks Like

If how I spent my 30th birthday is in any way indicative of how the next decade of my life will go, bring it on.

Clad in spandex and sneakers, The Fella and I made our way to Chelsea Piers early yesterday morning. Our location wasn’t enough of a hint to help me figure out […]

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Class Review: IntenSati

Photo: SatiLife

I will admit to being a bit set in my ways when it comes to aerobics classes. I like spin class, I like Zumba class, every once and awhile I convince myself I like yoga. I hate step aerobics (okay, I don’t really hate step aerobics, but I’m super uncoordinated and have a habit […]

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Here Gymmy, Gymmy, Gymmy: Choosing a New Gym

Hello United States of America, so nice to see you again; you, and your medical professionals.

The first thing I did when my plane landed was make an appointment with my doctor. Then I got in a cab and left the airport. I have to admit I’m a wee bit bummed that I didn’t get to […]

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