Keep your thumbs down!

No more thumbs upping for me.

I done tore-n-d a ligament in my thumb.

How I did that, I don’t know, but it’s been hurting for a few months now. I just figured the pain would go away with time, but about a week ago I tried to hand The Fella a plate full of food with […]

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Surviving Passover

My blogging always seems to lapse at this particular time of year. That’s because it’s Passover, and my eating gets super boring. We’re about midway through the eight days of Passover. This year I’m making The Fella “keep” the tradition. I’ve always kept things leavening free, but Roy isn’t as into keeping these traditions as […]

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What I like about you: Israel edition

We walked around the Tel Aviv pier yesterday, as did the rest of the city.
The Fella always says I see Israel through tourist goggles, and therefore everything is wonderful, whereas day-to-day life isn’t much of a picnic (or, in Hebrew, “picnikim”). Sure the produce and dairy is amazing, the healthcare is topnotch and FREE, and […]

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Lifestyle changes are coming to Chez Schwartz

My digestive system and I have come to a peace agreement and I can finally eat all that Israel has to offer. The Fella and I celebrated last night by getting some gelato at 9pm, which we had to finish promptly by 10pm because we had to be in a fasted state for our BMR […]

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The Israel Detox

I’ve made some bad choices in my life, but eating Russian airport food may be among the worst. The Fella and I had what turned out to be 13.5 hours to burn in the Moscow airport (I miscalculated my former estimate because of Daylight Savings). What do you do when you’re stuck in an enormous […]

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Bye Bye Baby, Baby Good Bye

In a few hours I will be on a 13 hour flight to Moscow. Then have a 11 hour layover in the Moscow airport. Then a 4 hour flight to Tel Aviv. 

Hmm, when it’s all written out like that I have to admit that this doesn’t seem like the brightest idea I’ve ever had. But, […]

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When to buy a house?


For the record, sometimes being an adult is sucky.

I got my taxes done yesterday. I always have to pay something (self-employment has many perks, taxes aren’t one of them), but this year I had to pay a whole lot more something than I was expecting. While my savings account cries quietly in the corner, I’ve […]

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Some thoughts on Jerusalem


As many of you know, my husband is Israeli. I make a pretty concerted effort not to write about politics on this blog. Politics, in my opinion, is a dirty business and brings out the worst in people. I certainly have my own beliefs when it comes to national policy and what is going on […]

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Fill in the blank: I ___ New York


I’ve been pretty down on New York City lately.

The breaking point may have been when a guy tried to punch me in the middle of a crosswalk. He’d been yelling across the street, some pretty vulgar stuff, but I didn’t realize until he threw his fist in the general direction of my face (I ducked), […]

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Say My Name, Say My Name

Since I’m still high on Newlywed fumes, I figured this would be a good time to talk about something I put a lot of thought into: changing my name.

Since I was a kid I knew I’d change my name when I got married and the reason may surprise you. Miller isn’t my last name. Well, […]

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