An Ode to Fall Food (and a Recipe for My Sweet Potato Pie)

First of all, thanks for all your comments yesterday. I definitely plan on looking into some of your suggestions about food eliminations to help ease the symptoms of Hashimoto’s. Having said that, it will probably be after the holidays. There’s going to be a lot of gluten in my life in the next month and […]

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Dealing with Hashimoto’s Disease

You haven’t seen a picture of my dog in a while. So please, take a moment to revel in how adorable Inez is. Yes, it has occurred to me that I need a hobby that isn’t lavishing obscene amounts of affection on my dog, but I don’t have time for that…I have a dog that […]

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21-Day Fix Review: The Start of a 50 lb weight loss


I’ve been on a diet since I was about seven. I actually write a lot about my disordered dieting history in my next book, so I’m not going to go into it completely here, but just know that I’ve spent almost the whole of my life obsessing over my weight. For the most part I’d […]

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21 Day Fix- Day 10 Update


Sorry I left ya’ll hangin’ there for a bit. I’ve been super-duper busy with book rewrites, but I’m half way through the program and I really love it. But, let me be honest and tell you I haven’t lost any weight. I have lost an inch in my hips and a half-inch in my waist, […]

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21-Day Fix: Day 1

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. There’s something about the 4th of July that means it’s really summer to me. We ended up spending the 4th inside with the pups, but celebrated on the 5th with Roy’s family.

Now that all that eating is over I’m trying something new: I’m giving the 21-Day […]

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Meal Prep and Why I’m Boycotting Ziploc

Happy Independence Day (for ye fellow Americans)! I wrote a couple of years ago about why living with/being married to an immigrant has made me much more patriotic. It’s easy to take the U.S. and all the freedoms living here allows us for granted when you don’t know any better, but being with someone who […]

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The Meat and Juice Cleanse

I started my month of self-care with a BluePrint cleanse. I’ve done it before, and you can read about it in any number of my past blogs. I do a juice cleanse once or twice a year. I don’t really believe in detoxing so to speak, our bodies are pretty good at self-cleaning, but I like […]

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What to Expect When You’re taking Misoprostol for a Miscarriage

WARNING: I’m not writing this blog for regular TKC readers. Of course, you all are more than welcome to read about my miscarriage (which I’m sure this is the first you’re hearing of), but I warn you that this is a graphic post. I’m writing this blog for those of you Googling Misoprostol or Cytotec and what it’s […]

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Confessions of a Self-Acceptance Hypocrite

This may very well be my longest hiatus from blogging ever. It certainly wasn’t planned, but as my next book deadline looms closer (I have exactly a month—eek) I find that I’m completely spent on the word count at the end of the day.

Things have changed shape with my new book a bit, which is […]

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Why Working from Home with my Husband Won’t Lead to Divorce

When The Fella and I tell people that we both work from home, they look at us like we’re nuts.

“Are you driving each other crazy?,” says just about everyone.

“No, it’s actually fine,” I say.

And then there’s a knowing look and a head bob.

 Hold off on the divorce countdown, folks. It’s all going to be okay.

 Yes, […]

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