The Birth of Beautiful Bodies (and a Giveaway!)


It’s time for another birth story. This time it’s a book baby, and while just as much sweat and screaming went into this labor of love as my last one, there were far fewer stitches, thank goodness.

I remember when Coming Clean was published, thinking that I would never be able to do it again, to […]

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Confessions of a Self-Acceptance Hypocrite

This may very well be my longest hiatus from blogging ever. It certainly wasn’t planned, but as my next book deadline looms closer (I have exactly a month—eek) I find that I’m completely spent on the word count at the end of the day.

Things have changed shape with my new book a bit, which is […]

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Interview with Rebecca Jaycox, author of ‘The Other Inheritance.’ GIVEAWAY

The Kim Challenge has changed a bit over years, as I have. It’s no longer a daily account of what I eat (although, I do try to update that once and while), but more of a look into my day-to-day trials, tribulations, and the wonderful and funny things that happen along the way–with a few […]

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