The Birth of Beautiful Bodies (and a Giveaway!)


It’s time for another birth story. This time it’s a book baby, and while just as much sweat and screaming went into this labor of love as my last one, there were far fewer stitches, thank goodness.

I remember when Coming Clean was published, thinking that I would never be able to do it again, to […]

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My home, my body

Nine months ago I wrote a blog about my feelings regarding my postpartum body, how hard it was to look at my newly plus sized figure. I was just three months into this momming business. I hadn’t slept more than two hours a night for 90 days. I was breastfeeding and pumping constantly to increase […]

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Excuse Proof Your Workout

While I have cut back on exercise (Nutritionist’s orders) I still exercise about five times a week, I’m just more focused on strength and interval training than steady state cardio. Regardless of the workout in question, sometimes, heck most times, the hardest part of the workout is just getting to the gym. I like to excuse proof […]

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I’m not a generally thin-skinned person, a lifetime of auditioning will do that to you.  If you’ve got criticism, in general I welcome it.  I guess today I’m  moody, or this just hit a nerve with me, but I’m feeling a little upset about a comment on my other blogs Facebook Page.

The thing is, my […]

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In defense of food blogging

Last week there was an article in the New York Times, that pretty much everyone who as ever met me and seen me snap a photo of my daily nosh sent to me…it was announcing food blogging as a trend.  Thanks NYT, but I think the word is out.  Anyway, someone (not me) wrote about […]

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In Defense of a Friend

I hope she won’t mind me discussing this, but a friend and I had a conversation today about a writing assignment she just published that just seemed so ripe for further discussion.

This particular friend writes about healthy, happy living, for a living.  All in all, I consider this friend a source of constant inspiration.  She […]

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Embracing Embarrassment

There are things in life that are just plain embarrassing…one thing in particular has always inhibited me from doing certain things, like ab work and yoga in public.
I’m working to get over it, because, well, adding a regular yoga practice to my life has really been a wonderful boon to my strength and mental health.  I’ve […]

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DVD Review: Element Yoga for Beginners

There are two subtitles that are interchangeable on just about any and every exercise video released.  One is “for beginners” the other is “for weight loss.”  They don’t really mean anything, but they sound good and aren’t particularly intimidating.

By far the most consistently awesome Exercise video series I’ve done has been the Element series.  Everything […]

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Self Discover: Apparently Dairy Hates Me

I tend to think that I’m pretty well in-tune with nutritional information, and with how that info relates to my body, but you learn something new everyday.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of bloat and being a bit “backed-up” (sorry, I’m trying to make this as non-gross as possible) for a while. By awhile, […]

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Obligatory Fat Acceptance Rant thanks to NY Times.

It seems to me that whenever the New York Times wants to piss people off they run an article on Fat Acceptance.  Somehow Fat is a red flag when it comes to acceptance.  Sure we can’t openly discriminate against races, religion, or socio-economic backgrounds, but by golly if you don’t  happily reside in single digit […]

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