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Guest Post: How to Choose a Good Personal Trainer

A Few Tips to Help You Find That Special Someone….
By Roy the “Fitness Fella”
Hello again, friends, fans and followers of Kim. It’s been a year now since I last blogged on The Kim Challenge, and the lady asked that I contribute again. To those who are new to the blog, just stopping by, or don’t […]


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Guest Post: Instead of a New Year’s Resolution—a New RESOLVE

Get in Shape and Stay in Shape with Simple Principles and Hard Work

Hello. As you may have guessed by the little muscle man icon below, I’m not Kim. So first, introductions are in order. I’m the guy Kim has been referring to as her fella these past few months. And since she invited me to guest-write for The Kim Challenge, I figured the “Fitness Fella” had a nice ring to it. But you can call me Roy.

And why, exactly, did Kim ask me to write here? I’m glad you asked. My quick bio blurb: I’ve been a personal trainer and health & fitness journalist for 11 years now. I’m a vet (boom-boom, not mew-mew), have a B.Sc./B.Ed. in Exercise Physiology with a major in Kinesiology and minor in Performance Nutrition, grad coursework in Physical Therapy and Biomechanics & Ergonomics, and a bunch of eclectic certifications like Pilates, Pre & Post Natal Exercise, Silver & Golden Age Populations, Krav Maga, etc. I’m not a proponent of any one school of thought of exercise or diet; find what works for you, just keep at it.

That’s me (my grandma taught me a gentleman introduces himself first). You are, naturally, the adoring fans of the effervescent Ms. Miller. Aren’t we all. [editor’s note: aww, blushing]

Now, on to business. If you’re a Kim reader, it’s a safe bet you know the basics; salad good, donut bad. Water good, Coke bad. Walking good, TV zombie bad. So I want to go a step further here, and focus less on the what and more on the how. It’s the difference between results and great results. Being result-oriented in your diet and exercise sounds obvious, right? But how many times have you hit the gym and spin classes for weeks on end, only to lose five meager pounds? Or watched what you ate, avoided temptations, and did lose some weight—but then gained it all back? Many times it’s because a lot of your energy is wasted in the wrong direction, and not enough is channeled in the right direction. So atten-hut, soldier! I’m going to debrief you on the winning strategy for strength training, cardio, diet, and their reciprocation.


First Things First: Correctly Defining Your Goals



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