(It took me a hot minute to post this because my blog was hacked…again. It happens every few years, regardless of the extra money I pay to my host to prevent it. Ahhhh, the joys of the Internet.)Happy New Year from all of us!

2018 I have big small plans for you.

I’ve taken a few weeks off from many of my social media platforms because I’ve felt like 2017 has been such an Internet exhaustive year. There’s so much anger and anxiety in all of my feeds (except for Instagram—which is totally my favorite social media platform now because people just look happy and glamorous all the time). The world just feels so mean…at least on-line. Which is why my resolutions for 2018 aren’t work or health related, they’re all focused on spending my time in more fulfilling ways.

Resolution #1
Read all the books. Well, not all of them, but certainly more than I am these days. It’s pretty embarrassing to be a professional writer who hardly ever has time to read. I blame having a toddler, but I also feel like I spend an awful lot of time scrolling Twitter when I could be reading something far more substantive. The goal for this year is a book a week. Many of those will be for work because I’m knee deep in research for my next project, but a book is a book and it all counts. I even bought myself a pretty new moleskin notebook so that I could write my thoughts on each book and reflect on my reading year next December. I’m currently reading The Last Lincolns, by The Last Lincolns by Charles Lachman (research) and Afterlife by Marcus Sakey (this is my car book, because I spend a lot of time in the car waiting for a certain small human to wake up).
What are you reading? (meaning, what should I be reading?)

Resolution #2
Find a fitness-free hobby. I feel like whenever I have time for myself I always resolve to go to the gym or go on a run or do an exercise video, but I’d really like a hobby that doesn’t require a shower. I actually really enjoy sewing, but haven’t done it seriously in a long time, so I’ve been watching a bunch of refresher videos on YouTube and have dusted off my trusty sewing machine.

Resolution #3
Less social media. Period.
I’m not naïve enough to think I can quit social media cold turkey, but I certainly don’t need to check it more than once a day to get the general gist of what’s happening in the world.

That’s it. To borrow a phrase from Maxine Waters, 2018 is about reclaiming my time.

What are you resolving for 2018?