Picture of my parents’ ambulance accident in Newsday newspaper. They made the news!


August was a doozie.

I had such big plans for my last month of full-time momming, but life has a way of surprising you for better and for worse.

The month started out in true Miller-family fashion: drama. I often joke that my parents are the luckiest unlucky people I’ve ever met. If something bad is going to happen, it’s going to happen to them—but they always seem to find a way through the situations that would break just about anyone else. August 10th is our wedding anniversary, and my parents were planning to come over and watch The Little Fella so that The (Big) Fella and I could go out on a real life date to celebrate. They decided to pick up some dinner on the way over, when my father started to feel not-so-hot in the parking lot of the restaurant they were stopping at. He’s been dealing with some cardiac irregularities that are being closely monitored. They decided to call an ambulance and put us on notice that our dinner plans were probably not going to happen. Obviously, we were okay with that and just wanted my dad to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. Since they were out and about, they called an ambulance to pick them up at the restaurant and bring them both to the hospital. On the way to the hospital the ambulance got into an accident and flipped over.

For serious. That actually happened.

Meanwhile I’m at home wondering why no one has called me to update me on what’s going on and I start calling around to all of the hospitals in the area, but none of them have my dad. And neither of my parents are answering their phone. So I’m freaking out.

Eventually, I get a call that both of my parents are hurt and which hospital they’re at.

So now, I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose one of my parents on my anniversary, and I’m just trying to keep my emotions in check so I can drive to the hospital without causing an accident of my own.

They’re both pretty banged up, but they’re both still alive. I won’t go into their injuries, but thankfully they both made it through and will have some healing and lots of doctor follow-ups ahead of them. After they were released from the hospital they stayed with us for a while. But now they’re home and on the mend.

Oy! So that was the beginning and middle of the month.

Meanwhile, The Little Fella, cracked two of his teeth in a bad fall in the bathtub and had his first ER visit (for a different fall), because he’s a toddler and apparently that means he has a death wish. He’s okay, too. I’m not sure I am. I’m going to have to bubble wrap him. Is that legal?

I think August 2017 aged me at least 10 years.

The good news is that I’ve been getting a bunch of freelance work, so now that The Little Fella is heading off to daycare and I’m ready to get back to being a working human, I actually have work to do.

So, August wasn’t the relaxing month I’d hoped. But I’m grateful September looks like it’s shaping up to be “normal.”

I only have one resolution for September, as I get back into some sort of work routine and that is to work on my posture. Now that I’ll be back in front of a computer for multiple hours a day I need to focus on not turning into a mollusk. My posture really has become terrible over the last few years and I need to nip that in the bud before permanent damage is done.

What are you resolving for September?