Hello from the suburbs!

That’s my lawn being dug up. Yay!

I’ll be honest ya’ll, this isn’t a super easy breezy transition for me.

I miss New York City every day. I have yet to get through a day without wondering if we could just call this whole grand experiment a mistake and go running back to our old life in New York City.

At least I’m not sharing my room with an infant anymore. The Little Fella is loving his new room.

I might feel differently if we hadn’t had the transition from hell, but there really hasn’t been much that hasn’t gone wrong for us in the last week, including mover screw ups (if you’re moving in the NY area and want to know which company to absolutely not ever use email me), asbestos abatement, digging up a cesspool and a flood in our basement. I’m a whole lot poorer and a whole lot homesick. The Fella works long hours and commutes about four hours a day door-to-door, which means I don’t really see him. It might not feel quite so isolating and transient if we had a nice comfortable place to spend the day, but we’re still living out of boxes because we’re still renovating and thanks to all the last minute expenses I don’t expect to be able to afford furniture anytime soon. Like years.

Kitchen Before & After

I’m pretty overwhelmed. I also have a cold and pinkeye in both eyes and a looming deadline…so you know, a little stressed.

Bathroom Before & Almost After

In the midst of it all Ethan stopped breastfeeding cold turkey. Well, he started biting, I screamed and he’s refused to nurse ever since, so I’m a little emotional on that front as well. Stupid mommy hormones. The good part of all that is that without wanting to nurse for comfort in the middle of the night he’s started sleeping through the night. That makes it all a helluva lot easier to deal with. I’m sure having his own room helps.

I’m taking comfort in the fact that now that I’ve had to sell my kidneys to cover fixing this money pit of mine, everything is pretty new and we’ve raised the equity of the house…which is good because I’m pretty much ready to sell it. Anyone want to buy my house?