Happy March!

Spring is right around the corner. In fact, New York City is feeling a bit manic about weather these days, as we alternate between 60 degrees and sunny and 30 degrees and snowy. The change of season is always a little rough.

This will be our last month as city folk. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! (That’s one major life accomplishment we can check off the list) We’re doing a few repairs before we move in, as babies and construction don’t mix all that well, but as of April 1st The Fellas and I are heading out to the ‘burbs!

Honestly, as exciting as this is I have very mixed feelings about this move. I’m so excited to have more space – The Fella and I have sacrificed our bedroom and our skeletal health to sleep training and now sleep in our living room on an air-mattress and a beat up old Ikea couch, but I’m also scared of what life will look like for us out there. My roots are pretty firmly planted in New York City. I haven’t lived on Long Island for half my life. While I know that this will be a good move for our little guy, I don’t know how to live that kind of life anymore. I’ve only recently started to make mom friends in the city and to set up playdates and now I have to start all over again (If you live in Western Suffolk County and want to be mom friends, reach out!) I’m scared of having to wake a sleeping baby every night so that we can pick up The Fella from the train. I’m scared of never seeing my husband because he’ll be commuting. I’m scared of the distance between things—I’m used to just walking down the block and being at a park or a museum or a restaurant.

This is where I’ve been sleeping for the last three months.

These are big intimidating changes. I never thought I’d be a suburban girl. BUT, we’re just normal middle class people and we can’t afford the space we need in NYC to have a family. Sacrifice. Sigh.

Well, that was a downer. How about I list some things I’m excited about:

I’m excited to cook in my kitchen again. One of the main reasons I stopped photographing my food was because my kitchen in the city is so small it’s almost completely unusable. I can’t even stand in front of my stove, I have to stand to the side of it. As much as I love cooking, I never really get to do it because it’s just too challenging given our limited space. Also, we literally have no counter space, so the stove top has been repurposed as a counter with which to dry bottles. I am so excited to have a kitchen again!

I’m excited to have a backyard. So is Inez.

I’m excited to see my best friends more. I’m so incredibly blessed to have had the same sisterhood of friends since grade school. While I moved away, they stayed near home and I’m excited that I get to be closer to them and that they get to be a regular part of my life again…not just a special occasion outing.

I’m excited that I get to be near my family and establish new family traditions in our home. Memories that our little guy will carry with him throughout his life.

I’m excited to sleep in my bed again. Ya’ll, my back is so jacked up at this point that I can’t even bend at the waist. I need to sleep like a normal person.

Now it’s your turn, what should I be looking forward to and who wants to be my friend?

Oh, right and resolutions.

I only have two resolutions this month, okay three.

The first is to get through the whole month doing Whole30. It’s trendy and I do love me some diet trends. The diet aligns pretty well with some of the reading I’m doing about living with thyroid disease and I’m willing to give it a shot if it helps keep my autoimmune issues in check.

Go on dates with my husband. We’ve worked out a deal with our neighbors where we babysit one another’s little ones for date nights. I want to take as much advantage of this arrangement as possible before we leave.

Pack. Who wants to come help me pack?

What are you resolving for March?