I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m ready for 2016 to be over.

While I’ll always be grateful to this year for my healthy, happy little human, the majority of 2016 was a crapfest (including many of the early days of my momming adventure).

While I prefer not to be political on my blog, I will say that the tone the world has taken since November 8th (well before, actually) feels to be one of hostility, of anger. It is like there are very few people willing to listen to those they don’t already agree with. It often seems, because so much of our interaction is on social media, that we can be crueller to one another without any real consequence. We can’t see the pain we inflict and so it doesn’t exist. We are more willing as a society to cut people out of our lives than to listen to their points of view. I shouldn’t be all that surprised, by that; I remember reading a about a study a year ago that followed incoming college freshmen’s ideology over the last century and found that our current generation of college-goers is the least tolerant of opinions they don’t agree with and most likely to disallow free speech. Of course, incoming freshmen are not to blame; they are a symptom of a larger trend in our culture. It worries me more than it probably ever would have before, now that I’m responsible for someone else.

I don’t really think that the feel of the world will change once the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, but I do love a fresh start and New Year’s is my favorite holiday because of all of its brimming potential. While we have thirty days until our collective slate is wiped clean, there’s no time like to the present to start being the change you wish to see in the world and in your own life. So, here are my resolutions for December:

Live Life in the Real World. I admit to spending far too much time on social media. That’s what happens when you’re stuck under a sleeping human for hours a day (we’re still working on getting him to nap in his crib as opposed on his mother). But no more. Social media is a filtered reality and not only does it not represent the real world or the people in it, it tends to highlight extremes and create an anxiety that far supersedes any entertainment value it provides to my day. Instead, I’ve downloaded e-book apps to my phone to entertain me while I’m stuck under a baby. I’ll do a quick social media check in once a day, and the rest of my human interactions will be with actual humans.

Vocalize Good. I’m not a particularly loquacious person in real life. I far prefer writing to speaking aloud. I like to listen rather than speak. I’ve always been a bit on the shy side and my favorite response to stress is to cloister up and shut myself up in my own little world. But that’s not the world I want to live in, so my resolution—not just for the month—is to be vocally good. To speak up when something is wrong. And to praise vocally the good in the world and in others.

And on a much more immediate basis. Cut spending for serious. Our house hunt is progressing and it looks like The Fella and I will be trading in our city dwelling lives for the suburbs in early spring. If things work out—so much can happen, ya know? And while our mortgage will be less than our rent, all the expenses that come with living in a house will make our lives even more pricey: renovations, car, gas, insurances, utilities, commute…holy moley is the commute going to be expensive. We need to reign in all disposable spending and start saving, saving, saving. And I need to start working, working, working more.

What are you resolving for December?