Wait. Where did summer go? In typical New York fashion we did not transition gently into fall, it was 90 degrees and then all of a sudden it was 60. I’m convinced that we’ll be covered in snow within a week.

October is bound to be a tricky month for me, as I have quite a few professional responsibilities on my plate. It’s my first real test of how to make this momming/working thing a success. Sure, sure last month we hired a part-time nanny and I’ve already theoretically returned to work, but in reality I’ve mostly used our time with her to get a little sleep, exercise, and follow her around making sure my baby didn’t forget me.

I’m a work in progress.

October is the month I ACTUALLY have to be a working professional and a mom and ya’ll I’m just not sure how to make it all work. While I’m ever so grateful I have the sort of career that allows me to be home with our little guy, I’m a little jealous of my friends who get to go to work in an office and just work. Working from home is a million times harder with a baby in tow. It doesn’t help that I have a bit of a Velcro baby. Ethan does not like to be put down. Ever. He doesn’t get that from me. I’ve always liked a whole bunch of personal space, even as a baby (at least according to my parents). Since there’s rarely a time when there isn’t a baby in my arms, there’s rarely a time when I can focus on writing. I hear this will get better in time. I mean, I’m not going to have to carry him around until he goes to college, right? And I have great hopes that once he’s a little older he’ll be able to entertain himself with things like toys and naps for periods of time so that I can type things.

Naptime position.

Naptime position.

Despite my limitations, or perhaps because of them, my resolutions this month are:

  • Focus on a feeding and sleeping schedule for The Little Fella so that moving forward working won’t feel like such an uphill battle. I know I’ll never have the same freedom I used to, but if I could even eek out 2-3 hours of (nap) time per day to get things done my life would be infinitely easier.
  • Utilize every single nanny hour we have for work. The copyedits for my next book are due this month and I’ll be travelling for work mid-month for a lengthy speaking gig that I need to prep for. Since we only have the nanny two days a week and even during those days I’m still breastfeeding or pumping, I have very little distraction free time. The good thing about having a baby around is that I have a built in audience to practice with. He’s biased though, the kid will smile at anything I say.
  • Buy a house (or condo, or apartment). Okay, this might not happen this month, but sharing a bedroom with an infant has made one thing abundantly clear: We need more space. The search for a home is in high gear. We know this could take quite a while, but my goal is to find a new home for us by the time he’s walking, since our space for toddling is limited.

What are you resolving for October?