I’m a little late writing out my resolutions, but that’s how I roll these days…late.


I can’t say that I was the world exploring, regular meal eating, functional human I’d set out to be in July, but as the month progressed I got better at it. Every half-hour outing to a local café for a latte or stroll to a nearby shop has made me a little more confident in my ability to reenter the real world.


I’ve made no bones that breastfeeding has been a hard journey for me, but I refuse to give up, which has meant pump rentals, prescription medicine, daily doses of oatmeal, lactation cookies, dark beer, and nursing time tea, weighing this little dude before and after feedings and just about anything anyone suggests helps with milk supply. We do supplement with formula, but I try to give Ethan as much breast milk as these jugs can make. And I hit a pretty big milestone in July: breastfeeding in public. When the Little Fella had a meltdown a week or so ago while the Big Fella and I were buying glasses, and refused to take the bottle of formula I’d prepared, I decided I had to be comfortable with whatever I needed to do to feed my baby. I fumbled a lot with a nursing scarf, and I’m sure a flashed a fair number of folks, but for the most part everyone politely pretended I didn’t exist while my baby screamed and banged his head on my boobs to assert his interest in an afternoon snack. It was awkward, but I did it, and the next few times I did it I was less awkward.

While it was definitely a trial by fire, knowing I could feed him outside the house made me feel like going outside for more than thirty minutes at a time is a real possibility. That’s why I’m more hopeful for August. So this month I’m continuing on with my resolution to go outside, take walks, visit stores, sit in restaurants and be a part of the world outside.


I’m eight weeks postpartum now and just received the go-ahead to exercise. In the past, I’d start planning an elaborate and ambitious exercise regime, but right now I’m just going to resolve to exercise a couple of times a week…whatever that means. There are some Mommy & Me yoga classes I’d like to try, and if I can get this little dude to sleep sometimes it may also mean a ride on my spin bike or an exercise video. I’m not ambitious about my fitness regime right now, and I don’t have the kind of childcare necessary for the gym, but I just want to feel my body move again.

My final resolution is to record what I eat. I gained 34lbs during my pregnancy. Pretty standard, run-of-the-mill weight gain and my doctors had no issue with it. I still have about 10lbs of weight to lose before I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m not really in the mindset to diet right now, and I don’t want to jeopardize my meager milk supply, so I’m not going to restrict calories. I am, however going to write down what I eat I, so that I can be conscious of the quality of the food I’m eating–because Cinnamon Sugar PopTarts are delicious, but not a healthy snack option.

What are you resolving for August?