Ya’ll I could totally have a baby this month.

I probably won’t. My due date is the first week of June, but it’s possible.

The (Big) Fella and I are pretty much set in regard to baby prep. We’ve got The Little Fella’s crib built, stroller ready, and his changing table full of diapers and freshly laundered clothes. Other than filling my freezer with some easy-to-defrost meals for when we get home from the hospital and packing my go bag, I’m feeling pretty prepared in regard to stuff. Actual parenthood is a totally different story.


The other day The Fella asked me what I thought the hardest transition would be for me. I said I thought figuring out how to be a fulltime writer and fulltime mother was probably going to be my biggest challenge. He didn’t agree. I should have known he totally set me up and had an answer of his own he was itching to share. He thinks the hardest transition I’ll go through is the disorder that kids create. I am well aware that kids make messes. I’m hoping to not turn my son into a neurotic mess because of my cleaning issues—but I think a little early routine setting will be helpful. All of that is a long ways away. Right now I’m thinking about now and how to make the most of these last 36 days of life before baby. What does one even resolve for their last month of non-parenthood?

Considering my current state of waddle-dom, I don’t think I’ll be running any marathons or jumping out of airplanes in the next 31 days.

For this month, I’m resolved to focus on my relationships.

I’ll be spending the first week of the month with my parents, giving The Fella a chance to catch up on sleep without my constant tossing and turning, and get to just be someone’s daughter one last time. This will probably the be the last time I ever go out to visit my folks for an extended period of time and I’d like to make the most of it. 

I’m hoping to have a few local girls nights with my nearest and dearest lady friends, and spend as many evenings cuddled up with my hubs as I can.

These aren’t the loftiest of resolutions, but I think they’re just about right for this season of my life.

What are you resolving for May?