marchHappy March!

I have no particular reason to love March, but I do. It means spring is upon us and as much as I’ve appreciated the mild winter we’ve had (at least in NYC) I’m ready to waddle around NYC in dresses—they’re a bit more comfy on my ever-expanding body.

Have I mentioned that I’m huge? I’m huge!


I’m currently in my 26th week, but since I’m not great about taking pictures every week, you’ll have to suffice with this one from last week…when I realized I was enormous. I can’t believe I’ll get bigger than this!

So yes, spring dresses are a highly anticipated addition to this month’s wardrobe and since it will be 60 degrees here next week it looks like I won’t have to wait all that long.

I didn’t make any resolutions in February. I figured I deserved a month off from goal setting while I figured out what my next steps were. I handed in my manuscript to my editor on February 1st and spent most of the month picking up new freelance clients to keep me busy until I get my next round of edits back…and hopefully to keep me a part of the working world while baby naps—freelancers really don’t get maternity leave, so I’m hoping to have a decent stable of freelance clients I can work with when I feel up to it.

What am I resolving for March?

  • Read 50 pages a day of PAPER books. I know this is a terrible thing for an author to say, but I don’t buy all that many books printed on paper anymore. Not only is downloading a book to my kindle faster and cheaper, but it means less clutter in our not-very-large apartment. I have a thing with clutter. I actually find reading on a tablet a bit distracting, but I often think it’s better than wasting resources. Having said that, I still have a number of print books to get to that are just sitting on a bookshelf waiting for their day. My goal over the next few months is to get through as many as I can and pass them on to new homes so I can get rid of that bookshelf to make room for baby stuff. Right now I’m reading The Historian, which is a tome and will probably take me a while to get through.
  • Eat as much produce as I can shovel in. We’ve reached the point where the Little Fella has taste buds and can actually differentiate taste from the food I eat in my amniotic fluid. I need to up my fruit and veggie intake so this little boy likes veggies when he’s older…even though all I really want to eat is bagels. All the bagels. Please send bagels.
  • Get back to my prenatal exercise routine. I hadn’t mentioned this on my blog before because I didn’t want to seem alarmist, but I had a minor complication in my pregnancy that meant that I was ordered by my doctor to restrict my movement. Short walks around the block with Inez were fine, but anything that required effort or strength was off the table—including my prenatal yoga classes. It’s been a boring few months and my body feels very achy from all of the lying around doing nothing. Luckily, the issue cleared itself up and I’ve been given the green light by my doctor to exercise again.
  • Keep building my freelance portfolio. While my agent has mentioned that I should use this pre-baby time to start working on my next book, I haven’t even finished the edits for this one—and this one has been a somewhat excruciating experience—I’d like to take some time to enjoy short form writing tasks before I dedicate myself to another years long project.
  • See as many movies and plays as possible. I don’t know when the next time I’ll be able to sneak off to a matinée will be, so I want to enjoy this down time as much as I can while I can.
  • Oh, yeah, and most importantly: Stop reading political posts/comments on political posts. It all stresses me out way too much.

 What are you resolving for March?