This bump business is for real.

This bump business is for real.

I guess you could say that I lied. I did not get to update during our vacation. Turns out the resort Internet was not as reliable as I’d hoped and when it was working I was too tired from a day of lounging about to think clearly.

So, while I’m late, I’m going to discuss my resolutions for December.

The next draft of my book is due next month, so while the rest of the world is in full holiday regalia, I will be hard at work finishing up my manuscript…again. I have to admit that first trimester exhaustion took its toll on me, and I moved a lot slower than I’d hoped. I was also a lot foggier than usual and completely merged two parts of the book that should have not been together…which I now have to undo. It’s going to be a busy month. Luckily, I’m feeling a lot more functional these days than I did a few weeks ago.

Increase the amount of exercise I’m getting. With my increase in energy, and slight drop in paranoia, I plan on increasing my workouts from just elliptical to some prenatal approved strength workouts. I stocked up on some great DVDs to help me keep in some semblance of shape. My hope is to review them over the next few months.

Start paring down our possessions to make room for baby stuff. Chances are we’re still going to be in our one bedroom for a while after the kiddo comes, so we’re in the process of playing Tetris with our furniture and deciding what to get rid of and what we should put in storage for the day when we will have more than 700 square feet to call our own. Something tells me this will me much more than a one month project

As for the holidays, I’m making our holiday gifts this year to help keep costs down.

What are you resolving for December?