Blueprint Cleanse

I started my month of self-care with a BluePrint cleanse. I’ve done it before, and you can read about it in any number of my past blogs. I do a juice cleanse once or twice a year. I don’t really believe in detoxing so to speak, our bodies are pretty good at self-cleaning, but I like to take a few days off from real food when I feel like I’m out of touch with my body and hunger cues to help me get back in touch. I’ve also been eating a lot of salty and sweet foods and would like to get over those salt and sugar cravings.

The juices are pretty good, actually far better (in my opinion) than the Organic Avenue cleanse I did a few years ago–that left me sharting in my pants at Whole Foods. I promise you none of my Blueprint juice cleanses have included a loss of bowel function and that’s how I like it. 

Today is actually my second day. Yesterday went fine, I wasn’t hungry at all and The Fella and I made it to a spin class and I was able to keep up energy-wise.

I’ve done a few of these cleanses and I like to stick to the Foundation cleanse, because it doesn’t have beet juice and there’s still a bit of variety. The Foundation Cleanse consists of six-juices a day: 3 green juices, a pineapple mint juice (that’s amazing), lemon-cayenne “juice”— it’s like a spicy lemonade, and a cashew vanilla milk that is the most delicious thing on the planet. If it weren’t so expensive I’d keep the cashew milk in my fridge on a permanent basis. In fact, I should probably just make my own.

This go-around I decided to add a little extra protein to the cleanse, so I grilled a chicken breast (I don’t usually eat meat at home, but I’ve decided to give regular meat eating a go again), and ate it throughout the day—mainly because those juices have a lot of sugar and I wanted to control my blood sugar.

I did the same thing today, only today it was a lean steak filet. I was a little more tired today than yesterday and I definitely felt hungry a few times—but that’s good, I wanted to get back in touch with feeling hungry.


Sweaty and crazy eyes is not my best look, but I’ve been informed I don’t put enough photos of myself on here.

We took a spin class, again this evening and it was a good class—but I was a little out of it. Still, I burned 600 calories (according to my heart rate monitor), so I can’t complain. Since working with my nutritionist to rebuild my metabolism after years of extreme dieting had caused my basal metabolic rate to plummet, I’m very careful not to let my calories get too low. The juice cleanse is only about 1000 calories, and the filet was 180, I’m going to add some nuts into my diet for the night, to counter the spin class.


If you spin regularly, I highly recommend getting a pair of cycling shoes. It makes a huge difference.

Some times self-care isn’t about the fun stuff like manicures, but making sure you’re doing the things you need to to take care of yourself—I’m such a grown up 😉

How are you taking care of yourself?