When The Fella and I tell people that we both work from home, they look at us like we’re nuts.

“Are you driving each other crazy?,” says just about everyone.

“No, it’s actually fine,” I say.

And then there’s a knowing look and a head bob.

 Hold off on the divorce countdown, folks. It’s all going to be okay.

 Yes, we live in a very small apartment on a noisy block in the middle of the most stressful magical city on Earth, but there’s something super motivating about having an in-house colleague.  Here’s why it works for us: 

  1. Time management motivation. There have been plenty of days when I woke up with all the determination in the world, only to be sidetracked by a House Hunters marathon on HGTV. When someone else is around and sharing your space, you don’t lay on the couch eating leftovers and putting off for tomorrow what you should be doing today.
  2. I have a live-in workout buddy. The first thing Roy did when his jobby-job decided his position was no longer necessary to the integrity of the company was joining my gym. He has a gym that he works from as a trainer, but it’s downtown, and I’m not really welcome there (I’m not sure if he doesn’t want his gym posse to meet me or if he doesn’t want me to meet his gym posse). So, now I have someone to keep me accountable to those 6AM spin classes and lunch break runs down Riverside Drive I always mean to go to, but don’t. Today we took a yoga class together.
  3. I have an in-house editor. I’m not giving my real editor the heave-ho, but it’s nice to be able to run lines by someone and get some instant feedback before I go too far down the wrong path…which is something I’ve been known to do from time to time.
  4. We split our Inez walks. I love my dog like she were my child (which is probably not healthy, but I’m at a certain age and my nesting instincts are strong), but she’s an enormous pain in the tuchas. She needs a lot of attention and more potty breaks than any dog I’ve ever met. Instead of having to drop a month’s rent on doggy daycare every month, I can split the time away from my computer I spend picking up poop with the man I love most in the world.
  5. This one’s totally TMI, but we actually get to have sex when we’re not exhausted. Nighttime sex is totally overrated. What the world needs is more nooners.

Honesty, working from home with my hubs may just be the best accident that has ever happened to us. Sure, I hope that one of us (him) will find an office job that they (he) loves and can’t wait to go to every morning and supplies us with a wonderful thing called health insurance, but until that day happens, bring on the nooners!

Here’s what we ate:

Disclaimer: Usually I eat more fruits and vegetables, but we’re at the tail end of a grocery haul and fresh produce is something I can’t remember owning. 



Scrambled egg/egg whites with a whole grain English muffin



2% Greek yogurt with banana butter and mixed nuts



Brown rice with lentils, onions and peas in a yellow curry, with a side of yogurt and cayenne pepper