Happy April Fool’s Day.

 True story: I have never pranked. I had a brief moment where I imagined wrapping our toilet in plastic wrap, but realized that would just make a mess—and that’s gross. I have no pranking game.

 I don’t know about you but I’m relatively hopeful that this month will not be winter. I’m hopeful about a lot of things this month. I’m hopeful about my resolutions to:

Start running again. I haven’t logged any serious mileage since I broke my foot a couple of years ago. I still have some phantom foot pain, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a sign that I’m old and rickety. According to the doctor there’s nothing wrong with my foot. So, I’ve downloaded a “get back to running” plan from the Internet, set my GymBoss for the appropriate interval reminders, and stocked my iPod with fun running tunes to help pass the time. I’m also planning on getting a harness for Inez so I can take her with me.

Cook Old School Style. One of my big resolutions for life in general is to eat real food. The busier we are the more likely we are to exist on processed food. I don’t necessarily mean junk food, I mean frozen organic dinners, cereal, nut milks that have been treated with additives so they don’t separate, or yogurts that have been paired with some sort of sweetened fruit compote. My goal, moving forward is to use all of these “healthy” processed foods sparingly, and cook the majority of our meals from whole and healthy ingredients. It’s not cheaper, but it’s worth the money.

Cut the crap from our budget. The Fella and I are embarking on an adventure in frugality. Two of the priorities this month are nixing takeout completely and cutting our cable bill. Cable should be an easy loss, except that we have Time Warner and they are made of Satan and spite and somehow each time I’ve tried to discontinue cable they end up hiking up my Internet. I’ve also had customer service reps refer to me as Mr. Miller on numerous occasions–I have a relatively high pitched voice, so I’m sure there was no confusion with my gender. They’ve also yelled at me in the past, so I’m putting The Fella on the cancellation task. We’ve also started tracking every dollar we spend to see where we can cut the budgetary fat.

 That’s it for my Spring Cleaning resolutions.

What are your goals for April?

What are your favorite pranks?