The Fella and I have been back in New York for a few days now, and our return was anything but gentle. We had some travel drama in Russia that made for a teary flight home. All turned out okay in the end, but it was a super dramatic way to end our trip.

And then we landed and things got worse. At his first day back at work The Fella was welcomed home by a layoff, and I sprained my thumb and came down with the plague…or a really bad cold. Either way, we had a pretty rough week and I didn’t feel much like Internetting.

 It’s a new week and we’re gearing up to make the most of what appears to be a surprise new phase of our lives. The good news is that Roy got a book deal right before we left for Israel, so while he searches for a new jobby-job he’ll be able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to book writing. In the mean time he’ll keep training on the side.

Guys, COBRA is ‘spensive, but so is the site. We’re going to stick with the insurance we have, since it’s better than similarly priced insurance on the Healtchare Marketplace. But, I’m hoping The Fella finds a jobby-job he enjoys sooner rather than later, so we can cease using the entirety of our disposable income on healthcare.

Being a grown up is hard. I don’t like it.

I do, however love all of the random awesomeness that living in NYC provides. I’ve been down on New York City lately, but it is a pretty great place to live. Over the weekend I met up with some of my favorite ladies to attend Wine Riot. It’s basically a drink-a-thon, but classy, because it’s wine 😉


No one was wasted, but we tried. There were 200+ wines to try, but you get them in tiny sip portions, and it’s impossible to try every-single-one. The only bummer was that we couldn’t buy a bottle of the wines we liked on site, although the event had an app to tell you where to find each wine on your own. I kept wanting to hand someone a ten-spot and get a full glass of the good ones.

Afterward we went out for pub food and karaoke. I was already battling a cold and my voice gave out by the end of the night. I sound kind of raspy and sexy now, I’m kind of hoping this is a side effect that will linger long after my bronchioles clear up.

When I got home, voiceless and tipsy (from the free drinks the karaoke joint gave us), I looked at The Fella who was looking at me like I was a total loon, and said “I’m too old for this, aren’t I?”

He shook his head yes.

I have no immediate plans to change my immature ways.

On Sunday morning The Fella and I woke up early to look at an apartment in Queens. We’re open to downsizing to help save money. The universe has informed us loud and clear that we are not to buy a house this year, so in the meantime (and especially after his layoff) we’re trying to save money. We decided against this particular abode. It was a little to just-out-of-college for us, but we’re keeping our eyes open and trying to appreciate what time we have left on the Upper West Side.

 Afterward we went to Costco. There’s something so satisfying about a fully stocked refrigerator. I sort of love Costco, it’s like a whole-sale security blanket. YOU WILL NOT STARVE, it whispers, as we try and figure out how many baby carrots we’ll have to eat per day to make the 5lb bag worth it.


I love the Refrigerator Looks on Well & Good. This is a sneak peak out our fridge. It only looks like this after Costco. Veggies, dairy, and eggs. That’s pretty much the basis of our diet.

We’re aiming to keep our diet pretty clean now that we’re back, and I’ve been making lots of salads to go with our meals, and with Passover coming up I’m working on some flour-free vegetarian meals to keep us on track.



Eggs, salad, and a lite English muffin



 Baked zucchini fritters (I’m still tweaking this recipe, but once I perfect it I’ll post it) with homemade tzatziki sauce 



One of The Fella’s monster salads with cucumber, tomato, pepper, tofu, onion and chia seeds