In a few hours I will be on a 13 hour flight to Moscow. Then have a 11 hour layover in the Moscow airport. Then a 4 hour flight to Tel Aviv. 

Hmm, when it’s all written out like that I have to admit that this doesn’t seem like the brightest idea I’ve ever had. But, I’m secretly looking forward to the hours of uninterrupted writing that travel provides. I am one of those unlucky souls who cannot sleep on planes. I’m not saying my body won’t completely shut down at some point in this 28 hour fiasco, but I should have quite a few hours of idle sitting time with which to crank out work. I do some of my best work in transit–I’m totally kicking myself for not applying for the Amtrak writer’s residency

The Fella and I are going to a wedding. Normally I wouldn’t leave for two weeks before a deadline, but I’ve had a really hard time writing lately due to a tiny beast that lives with me and barks at me while I write. All. Day. Long. So I’m embracing travel as a productivity enhancer.

Truth be told, as annoying as she is, I love Inez obsessively and was worried about leaving her for such a long time. I thought about leaving her with my parents, but they have a blind cat who really doesn’t appreciate Inez’s friendly nature.  And my mom has a broken ankle–which would mean limited walks while she still has a tiny puppy bladder. I half-jokingly put a post on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to watch my dog and stay in my apartment for two weeks, and lo-and-behold we had quite a few offers. 

I guess people want to come to NYC. Who knew?

I went with my gut and decided that the biggest dog lovers I know should be the ones in charge of Inez’s care while I was gone. And ironically, they’re people I met through blogging.  Rene and I started corresponding when I wrote for Elastic Waist, and she followed me here. I’ve read her blog over the years, and when I’m in the LA area we meet for drinks or dinner. She, and her husband, Curtis, have the sweetest pit bull, Frankie, who they also love like he were their child. I knew Inez will be in good dog people hands. 

She actually likes them better than us already. 

IMG_0008 IMG_0007

 Inez is cuddled upon the couch with them as I type this. 

I don’t think she’ll even notice we’re gone. 

As a thank you for traveling cross-country to play with our puppy, The Fella and I took Rene and Curtis to our most favorite vegan restaurant, Candle Cafe West. I’ve been there a number of times, but last night may have been our best visit yet.


We all started with a potato leek soup


For my main course I had a  Seitan Marsala with Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes


And for dessert, a sweet potato pie with soy cinnamon ice cream

I’ll miss Inez like crazy, but I’m also secretly relieved to be away from her. Is this how parents feel? Am I going to be a bad parent? 

More when I land. In the meantime, What do you think of the new TKC design?