Oh crap, it’s March.

Where is this year going?  How do I stop making it move so fast?

February was a blur of writing and travel (yay, Puerto Rico!) and this month will be the same (yay, Israel!). Basically, I’m just trying to escape the glacier that has eaten my city.

After a very productive flight to Puerto Rico for a girl’s weekend last week, I’m looking forward to my 23 hours of travel to get to Tel Aviv next week. Seriously, I got SOOOO much done on the flight. The Fella and I usually fly direct (an 11 hour flight) but we got amazing airfare that includes an eleven-hour layover in Moscow (if you live near the airport come say hi). Since we can’t leave the airport (or I can’t, Americans need a visa to visit Russia, Israelis do not—so, The Fella is stuck with his American wife typing away in the terminal for half a day). We’ll be in town for a wedding, not vacation, so I’ll be working my way through this visit, but sitting in a beachfront café in Tel Aviv has to be better than typing away in a chilly library. Heck, if I get a lot of work done, I may spend the next few months on flights.

Israeli, but not my husband.

Israeli, but not my husband.

I’ve been to Israel many times–even before I met my super handsome Israeli husband—and I’ve never been afraid for my safety, but I have to say I’m a little nervous this time. Roy has assured me that the recent random attacks aren’t any more than usual (I’m not sure that that’s comforting), and there’s nothing to worry about. Statistically, New York is more dangerous than Israel and I’ve survived this long here, so hopefully all will be well.


I’ve tried most of these. The only one I’m not into is the pop rocks chocolate, but otherwise Israelis know how to make junk food.

What I am looking forward to is eating all of the food. Israel has THE BEST DAIRY and THE FRESHEST PRODUCE on the planet. It’s so easy to eat healthy there; I usually come home a few pounds lighter.  

 So, what are my resolutions this month. I’m glad you asked, here they are:

Turbo charge my writing. I’ve been stuck in a whirlwind of research and writing, which has been pretty slow; as I do more research I end up re-writing sections entirely. Since I have a ton of research under my belt now, I’m hoping to write at least 80 new pages this month.

Stop apologizing. I have a terrible habit of apologizing about twice each sentence. Seriously, I apologize all the time for things that don’t warrant an apology. I’d really like to change my language a bit, using phrases like “excuse me” or “pardon me” instead of “I’m sorry” all the time. Motto of the month: Sorry, not sorry.

Be aware of my sugar intake. I’m not a big sweets person, but somehow, when I’m barreling headfirst toward a deadline my sugar consumption sky rockets. I really need to watch my sugar intake because it may be becoming a problem. Err, I reward myself for a day of good writing with a Blow Pop.

 What are you resolving for March?