I'll miss this view. One day.

I’ll miss this view. One day.

Well, we survived the great blizzard of 2015 (we got a whopping five inches of snow). I’ll admit that I wasn’t really all that concerned about the snow, I kind of had a feeling it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Our news media has some Boy Who Cried Wolf tendencies when it comes to weather reporting, which is probably why New York was so ill-prepared for Hurricane Sandy a few years ago. The year before the news made a big to-do about Hurricane Irene and it ended up raining for about an hour. I guess this is part of the jaded New Yorker in me–I do not trust the weather report.

Speaking of New Yorker, The Fella and I spent the weekend looking at houses! We’re not buying anything just this minute, but it’s time we explore our options. I’ll miss living in the city (not the random guys who try to punch me mid-crosswalk), but I won’t miss spending a ridiculous amount of money for one bedroom and an itty-bitty kitchen. I’m a big fan of personal space, and finding the space to just sit and be alone with your thoughts can be hard in 500 square feet surrounded by paper-thin walls. 

If you have any home buying advice, lay it on in the comments!

We’re looking at neighborhoods within 45-minutes of NYC by train. If you have any good leads on towns, let me know. I never thought I would want to move back to the ‘burbs, and I have to say there’s sort of a romantic image I have of being a writer in New York City, but as glamorous as being a writer is in my mind, the reality is that The Fella and I are just middle class kind of folk, and it’s hard to be middle class in New York City. A few bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms (so I don’t have to text my husband that I have to pee in the morning to hurry things along), and a yard for my dog to run around in seem kind of nice. Lawn mowing, car payments, and gutter cleanings don’t sound as nice, but I’m sure I’ll get used to them. But the thing I’m most looking forward to is a kitchen. I don’t take pictures in my kitchen anymore because we have a half stove and a miniature fridge–this is not the way married people in their 30s should live.  I’m looking forward to counters so I don’t have to put food down in the sink or on the floor while shuffling pots and pans around, and I’m looking forward to room for a real dining table. I’m kind of talking myself into this…

Are you a die-hard city dweller, suburbanite, or country lover?


_DSC0559Egg/egg white scramble with peppers, spinach, and mozzarella
Reduced carb tortillas


IMG_0001I had lunch at one of my favorite writing cafes. The croissant hiding under the soup is a photo on the place mat, but it looks really real!
Tuscan white bean soup and a half salmon sandwich




Seared tofu (I make it in my Griddler–it’s amazing, crunch on the outside, soft on the inside)
Brown rice, and roasted asparagus