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Happy December!

I’ll be honest, come December I’m none too worried about my monthly resolutions and I’m more excited about getting a jump-start on my New Year’s resolutions.

For someone with an overzealous affection for goal setting, New Year’s is a big deal for me, it’s my Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday wrapped into one. But it’s not January yet, so I’m going to use December as a prep period for the launch of 2015.

My resolutions for December are as follows:

  • Finish off any processed food in the pantry (mostly canned soups, sauces, and beans) to prep for a more whole foods 2015.
  • Get Inez on daycare/training/housebreaking schedule, which also means get myself on a work at the library/work from home/exhaust-my-dog-so-she-naps-while-I-work schedule.
  • Dust off my Hebrew textbooks. The Fella made a very valid request recently that I start taking my Hebrew studies more seriously, and that’s a big resolution for me in the coming year. I’ve already signed up for a 10-day intensive toward the end of the month, and I should do a bit of studying to prepare. We’ve recently met a few Heb-lish speaking toddlers and the rapidity and ease that they switch between languages was a total wake-up call for us. If I’m going to have bilingual offspring I better be decently bilingual myself.

 Oh, and not gain too much weight during the holidays…and my birthday.

 What are you resolving for this last month of 2014?