You can download this sign (for awesome T-Day decorating) from Five Heart Home.

You can download this sign (for awesome T-Day decorating) from Five Heart Home.

It’s November. In case you haven’t seen a calendar before, that means the year’s almost over.

What do I have to show for 2014?

A lot, I suppose. A new husband, a new book deal, a new puppy, a new fire in the pit of my stomach to find a new hometown (btw, based on everyone’s answers in my last blog it looks like we’re all moving to Boston! Yay!  I love Boston—Who’s going to help me to convince my Mediterranean sweetheart that New England winters will not kill him?).

As new as everything is, it still feels very much like the status quo. But, with the holidays coming and some pretty big goals on my plate for the foreseeable future, I think I’ll keep November simple.

This month I resolve to:

  • Be thankful. And blog about it. I’ll admit that I’m a terrible blogger. I used to write everyday, now if I get to blogging once a week I feel successful. I think I just have less down time these days and I since so much of my workday is spent writing, sitting down to write isn’t always the relaxing activity it once was. To alleviate the pressure to be “cool” and “eat interesting” I think I’m going to start each blog this month with something I’m grateful for. BTW, I no longer eat interesting things.

 Today, I am thankful for the enormous bags of almonds they sell at Costco, my Brita water filter, and my Vitamix. The combination of these three things keeps me stocked in Almond milk. From now on my almond milk will be homemade, carrageenan and xanthan gum free

  • Be calm and patient with my tiny dog. I have to admit; it can be frustrating raising another species. Especially one that won’t stay in a crate and has no schedule or notifying habit for when she wants to go to the bathroom. Inez is great at doing her business outside, she just also likes doing it inside. This month my goal is to have a housebroken puppy and keep my sanity in the meantime.
  • Work away from home. I love working from home, but I also know that there are limits to my attention span—seriously, I feel like Adderall should come free with book contracts—so I’m going to hunker down four days a week at the New York Public Library, so I have an office space of my very own to work from. The other two days (I work 6-days a week, Sunday is a rest day) I’ll make due with the insanity that is my home.

 That’s it for me: Give thanks/blog about it, housebreak Inez, create a library work schedule.

What are your resolutions for November?

Does anyone have any housebreaking tips?