Okay, I’m a little late on the first of the month bandwagon, but every time I tried to sit down and type this blog an adorable kiss monster interrupted me.

 photo (1)

 Meet Inez, the newest member of our family. There has never been a puppy as loved as this little girl. WE. ARE. OBSESSED. 

 In fact, it’s quite possible that this blog will transform into a shrine of babble about my puppy for the foreseeable future. Sorry about that.

In the past few days we’ve learned a lot about being a puppy parent: 1) puppies under 4-months old aren’t recommended to “relieve themselves” outdoors because they don’t have all of their immunizations yet and New York City is an enormous petri dish. Fun!  Our apartment is now covered in Wee Wee Pads—that’s their name, I’m not talking all cutesie-like.

All I can say is, she’s absolutely worth it. The Fella and I are completely in love.

My life changed a lot in August: New husband, new puppy, newly tanned skin (which probably looks normal-to-pale to most people, but for me is completely exotic). September will be no different. I’m officially transitioning out of my jobby-job to go back to writing and freelancing full-time. Freelancing isn’t the easiest of existences, but neither is going into the office every day and then trying to write a book.  Choices needed to be made, I chose on the side of passion. Hopefully this will be a good thing for us long-term.

So, my resolutions for September are:

Establish a routine: I’ve worked from home for years, but I’ve found, over time, that every project has its own rhythm. Some projects inspire come full-steam ahead in the wee hours of the morning, some late at night. I’ve got to find my rhythm with this book. My last book included a lot of crying on subways, I’m really hoping that’s not the case this time.

Be careful with spending:  We’re going to have to tighten our belts for a few months, but that’s okay, because my pants are a fitting a bit too snug anyway—maybe now that I won’t be working 18-hour days I’ll have time to hit the gym again.

Make it from scratch: I have to say this, and I’m not being hyperbolic; I have every thing I’ve ever wanted. I mean that literally and figuratively, I have an amazing husband, a dream career, I live in a beautiful vibrant city—and I have every single kitchen gadget in the world. There’s really nothing I could even fathom wanting—except for piles of cash.  Since I can’t make piles of cash from scratch (legally) I’ll settle for baking bread, making salad dressings, sauces, seitan, and 80% of everything else we eat on a regular basis. This month, I’m going to spend a bit more time in the kitchen whipping up healthy meals for my family.


What are you resolving for September?