Etsy planned my wedding. Seriously.

Oh my goodnesgracious it’s August.

August is a big month in my house.

My dad’s birthday is in August—Happy Birthday Virgos!

I got engaged in August (last year).

And this August I’m getting MARRIED!

This may leave you thinking, “Kim, what could you possibly be resolving for this month, you crazy over ambitious fool?”

 I’m so glad you asked.

My number one goal for August is to be married by the end of it. Hell, to be married by the middle of it. I like to keep my goals attainable and it’s looking pretty darn likely that that’s going to happen.  

My second goal for August is to finish all post-wedding hoopdy-doo by the end of the month; this includes putting our new stash of goodies in storage, or putting our old stash of goodies in storage to leave room for our new stash. One of the reasons I haven’t posted pictures in my apartment for a while is because it currently looks like a bomb of presents and wedding supplies blew up. Clutter makes me super anxious so this is a situation I want remedied ASAP. Also, things like name-changing (I’m staying Miller professional, but changing to The Fella’s name for personal life stuff) and of course sending thank yous to all the amazing folks who will be celebrating the start of the Schwartz family with us on August 10th

My third goal is to remain mindful and present and thankful for this moment in my life. It only happens once and I want to treasure every single second of it.

What are you resolving for August?

Do you have any last minute advice for this bride-to-be? 

What’s the best marriage advice you received?