You can bet that my August resolutions will be cutting off the monster head of hair I'm sporting right now!

You can bet that my August resolutions will be cutting off the monster head of hair I’m sporting right now! PS-Isn’t that the greatest hanger?  My BFF/MOH had it made for my wedding dress <3

Happy July!

Are you doing something super fun for the 4th?

The Fella and I are going to visit his family (my Israeli manfriend has more family in New York than I do!).

Time flies. As of today (July 1st) there are exactly 40 days until our nuptial throwdown, and while I have tried mightily to not allow all of these logistics to take over my life, I must admit that the next month is a minor catastrophe of to-dos. Coupled with the fact that we’ll have out of town guests staying with us, and that whole full-time job and full-time book writing, I’m not resolving to much more than surviving the next 40 days.

Survival. That is my resolution for July.

This month I resolve to live and die by the to do list that I tote around with me. I resolve to do all of my workouts in the sunless hours of the morning so that I have my evenings free to sort, schedule, and stress over all of the things I’m not sorting and scheduling quickly enough…and I resolve to blog. Because blogging is basically my stress relief at the end of a long stressful day. And, in doing that I resolve to try and remain moderately interesting, but I’m not making any promises. The inside of my brain kind of looks like a hamster on a wheel–same spinning every day.

Have I mentioned I’m looking forward to our itty-bitty honeymoon?  The Fella and I plan on taking an extended trip to Italy next summer, but because our free time and finances are pretty exhausted for 2014, we’re only taking a four day break post wedding to shack up on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Cocktails and cuddling, that is all I’m going to do for those four glorious days.

What are you resolving for July?