This is a standard strength training calorie burn for me.

While I have cut back on exercise (Nutritionist’s orders) I still exercise about five times a week, I’m just more focused on strength and interval training than steady state cardio. Regardless of the workout in question, sometimes, heck most times, the hardest part of the workout is just getting to the gym. I like to excuse proof  my days, and here are some of the mind games I play with myself to keep committed: 

Rent a locker. I have a city-wide membership to my gym, and I frequent about four of them here, but the one I go to most often is the one near my office. I do my early AM strength sessions there so I can simply shower and get to work, and I do a short interval cardio session during my lunch break multiple times a week (mainly to get away from my desk for a little while, and not spend money shopping). The only way this is possible is because I rent a locker. If I lived in a car-culture things might be different, but because I walk everywhere, I can’t stand lugging my enormous gym bag around the city on the subway and bus. I replace my gear every week or so (I keep multiple outfits in my locker to allow them to dry out in a cycle), I keep makeup, hair products, and my own towel there so that I can emerge from the gym looking like a put together human being by the time I get to work.

Drop and Dash. When I’m planning to hit up the gym close to my apartment, I like to drop my stuff off before work. Not only does this keep me from having to a) lug my stuff, or b) go home before the gym where things like my couch and television live, but it ensures that I HAVE to go straight there. I know my gym, and many others, cut locks that are left overnight and gets rid of the contents of the locker. Once I’m at the gym, it would be kind of silly to walk in, grab my stuff, and leave–so I stay and work out.

Earn your membership back. When I was in college I calculated exactly how much each individual class session cost me. Since I was paying for school on my own I used that dollar sign to keep me motivated when tempted to skip class. I do the same thing with my gym membership. I have a number of workouts I aim to do each month, and I divide that number by my membership fees (I even have a spreadsheet in my Google Drive for tracking purposes–I’m a little type A. If I don’t go, it’s like I’m paying to sit on my couch. If I exceed my goal it’s like a sale.

Pay to Play/Buddy Up. Hire a trainer or plan to meet a friend (or in my case ) at a given time. Money is a big motivator for me (obviously, hence #3), and when I’m feeling particularly slumptastic I schedule a few sessions with a trainer. It’s good to have some new perspective on my workout and form, and the monetary investment means that no matter how much I tell myself to stay in bed, I’ll be there. I’ll do that for a few weeks until a routine is established, and take over from there. Also, working out with a friend is a sort of the oldest trick in the book of get-your-arse-to-the-gym; chances are both of you want to bail but neither of you will. Sometimes peer pressure comes in handy.

Sleep in Spandex. I’m so not above wearing my gym clothes to bed. Sports bra and all. Nope, it’s not comfortable, but that’s just one more reason to get out of bed for a pre-dawn workout. If I don’t go, I’ll have wasted a night of mediocre sleep.

Obviously a lot of my jedi-gym-mind-tricks work for me because I’m a city girl.  How do you keep yourself gym motivated?

And now it’s time for the eats…




Easy Protein Pancakes: 1 scoop protein powder (I use cinnamon bun flavor), 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup egg whites, 1/4 cup almond milk. Blend and cook.
Served with Greek yogurt, maple syrup, and kiwi

Snack 1

(No Photo)

Hard boiled egg, kiwi (I bought a lot of kiwis)


IMG_1674Baked chicken, brown rice, brocolli

Snack 2

IMG_1675I’m not digging the flavored yogurt, it’s a bit too sweet, but I bought them in bulk at Costco.  Once I finish these off I’m back to plain Greek.
Also, notice my fance new last name on my cellphone case. 48 days…but who’s counting 🙂




The Fell makes the best salads. I always put him in charge. This one had tomato, cucumber, chickpeas, peppers, eggs, and mixed nuts.