That's my "Oooh, there's food coming" smile

That’s my “Oooh, there’s food coming” smile

I made an appointment with a nutritionist.

I like to think after years of working in the health and wellness industry that I know as much about health as anyone, but my body has been incredibly unresponsive in recent months (and by recent I mean the last 18, or so) to my attempts to take off the weight I gained while writing Coming Clean (my advice to all aspiring authors is that sometimes you have to eat your way through a manuscript, and that’s okay) and my subsequent months of lethargy due to my broken, and super-slow-to-heal, foot.

I’ve upped my exercise, cut calories, added calories, ate intuitively, followed a medical control style diet, cleansed, and all with the same result, no weight loss, in fact I’ve only seen a regular weight gain (hmmm, maybe I should stop drinking champagne for dinner). Needless to say, I’m pretty effing frustrated and I miss my pretty clothes. There, I said it, I miss my stylish wardrobe and have had it up to Canada (no offense to Canada, you guys are great.  Seriously, you’re so nice! I’ve never met a mean Canadian) with my just-for-now staples.

Both The Fella and my trainer have confessed to feeling like total failures in helping me, so if they’re feeling that way, can you imagine how I feel…oh, and totally not their faults, both super cool dudes, and my trainer has really helped me increase my strength—while I also train on the side, I like working with someone who will spot me with heavy weights and push me to increase my weight while keeping proper form. Kinda like how therapists should see a therapist.

For those who may be wondering about my thyroid, been there, tested that. I have three out of five markers for hypothyroidism, but as of now my TSH levels are a-okay and functioning as they’re supposed to.

I’m tired and bummed, and gearing up to start my second book (there’s movement on that front) which just happens to be more in line with, you guessed it, health and wellness—I’m feeling like it’s time to get an outside perspective on what could possibly be going on in my body that I’m missing. My first 2-hour long session is next week. I’ll keep you all posted.

Have you ever seen a nutritionist? Or, been unable to lose weight when you’re “doing everything right”?