This photo was taken at 7AM.

photo 1

There are a million reasons why I love my FitBit (that’s hyperbolic, there’s probably really only around 10), but one of them is the silent alarm function. Every morning at 5am my wrist starts buzzing. While this may not have been an effective form of waking me up back when I was single, there’s something moderately petrifying in the pre-dawn morning when your alarm goes off and you realize there’s a soundly sleeping body next to you who will be full of grumpiness and ire directed at you for the next 18 hours if they are awakened from their slumber. That lil silent alarm may just be the key to a successful marriage.

I can’t say that early morning gym-going gets easier, but I will say that my body no longer fights me on the early AM saunter to the gym. AND I’m absolutely convinced that I burn more calories when I work out in the morning.

I have no proof, but if it gets me out of bed in the morning I see no reason to dig deeper for some sort of scientific confirmation.

Besides my vibrating FitBit, I have a few other tricks up my sleeve.

  1. Sleep Cycle App. When I have a particularly early morning (err, before 5am), I double up on gentle alarms just in case. the Sleep Cycle App is awesome. It works with your phone to magically measure your sleep cycles, and when you’re in your lightest stage of sleep, in the vicinity of your alarm time, it plays a light melody, kind of like a twinkling to shake you out of sleep naturally.
  2. Gym clothes/Pajamas=Same difference. I’m not opposed to sleeping in my sports bra. If I know I need to run out the door in the morning I do as much prep as I can in the evening. Even if that means shoving a piece of gum in my mouth (don’t judge, I brush my teeth after breakfast) and wiping the crusties from my eyes on the way to the gym.
  3. Pay for it. I’m not frugal. I really wish I were, but I’m not. And yet, I like my money and don’t want to waste it. If I pay for a class or training session, it doesn’t matter what hour it is, you better believe I’ll be there.
  4. Get a friend with benefits. Not the sex kind, although, who am I to judge, do whatever you want.  The kind that wakes up at 5am to meet you at the gym and who will be really pissed of if he/she skimped on sleep and you were a no show.
  5. Revel in your own superiority. Okay, this isn’t going to get your booty out of bed, but there is a serious feeling of triumph when everyone else is just pulling back the covers and you’ve already completed your workout for the day. Remember that when your alarm goes off.  Feel free to smirk. Smirking is encouraged.

Okay, here’s what I ate:



photo 2

Egg whites, turkey bacon and cheese in a whole wheat wrap



photo 3

Salad with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomato, peas, chicken and ranch dressing 


photo 4

We went to an Israeli Independence Day BBQ for dinner. I had a soy dog and a mix of salads.