The Hebrew word for cake is “ooga”. (Ooga-Ooga! Cake Cake!) The Hebrew word for wedding is “hatuna.”  

This blog is about ooga hatuna. 

So far my impression of planning a wedding is something like this: send checks to people you don’t know in hopes that they show up on the day of your wedding and do what it is you think they’re supposed to do.

Very few parts of the process are what I consider fun–I’m not saying it’s miserable, I’m just saying there are plenty of things I’d prefer to do with my time. But cake tasting, cake tasting is fun, and this weekend there was cake to be tasted.

I had a somewhat romantic image in my head of going into a bakery, looking at freshly baked wedding cakes (because bakeries always have four-tier cakes at the ready for tasting, right?) sitting down to eat a slice of each and having an intense conversation about the varying amounts of cocoa powder used in each.

That’s not what happened.


Basically we got a cake doggy bag, with a cupcake of four basic cake flavors (in their defense they did ask if I had any special cake requests, but I got nervous and told them to give me their most popular flavors) chocolate, yellow cake with chocolate chips, yellow cake, and red velvet, and a variety of fillings.

We made our decision pretty easily. Chocolate with french pastry cream and chocolate chip with fudge filling. Sorry non chocolate lovers, there will be an ice cream sundae bar for your desserting pleasure.

Next month I start my dress fittings and we finalize our menu. This is starting to feel really REAL!

Any words of advice for a not-so-bridey-bride-to-be?




Smoothie with almond milk, banana, date, almond butter, vanilla protein powder




Turkey breast and broccoli


_DSC0147Kids don’t try this at home. I forwent food and broke out some Italian ices and champagne. You’ve got to admit there are some perks to being an adult.