This may just be the longest I’ve gone without writing a single blog. One month of radio silence from my end. 


Tap. Tap. Hello? Is this thing on?  You guys still there?


I’ve been the kind of busy that is at once all-encompassing and yet totally banal. I wish I could tell you that in this month I have launched a new career, been to new and exciting places, and learned new, revealing things about myself and the world I belong to. Mostly my days go a bit like this: I wake up two hours before dawn, workout, write some stuff, go to work, write some stuff, leave work, train, write some stuff.  Not exactly the stuff that Pulitzers are made of.  


Perhaps that’s what this new month is about for me, working with purpose. Working smart instead of long. Finding my rhythm and finding a voice to say no to the projects that don’t propel me forward. I have for the majority of my career said yes, yes to any opportunity that has come my way with the intent of learning as much as I can and making as many connections as I can. But, uhh, I know a lot and have a lot of connections, and now I just want to work really hard on a few things instead of really hard on a million things. 


Things like, my blog. I kind of miss the days when I prioritized sitting down on the couch and writing up my daily ramble here. My numero uno resolution for May is to blog about it. I’m already off to a great start. 


Writing, research, and all around fun with books. I’m currently  in a holding pattern with my next book, but I sure do hope my publisher wants to buy it. Let’s just say the idea jives far more with my career in the healthy living arena and my blog (this one, the one I plan on writing more) than my last book which was amazing and hard and wonderful and painful and not something I think I’m quite ready to recreate. In the meantime, I’m going to focus on writing said book, because at the end of the day I’m really excited about the idea so even if it doesn’t come to be it’ll be really super fun to play around with. 


Exercise, not excessively. I exercise. I exercise a lot. And I would be lying if I said that my upcoming wedding wasn’t a motivator behind it. I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I will not be at my sveltest come my wedding, and I do want to feel awesome and strong and beautiful nonetheless, but I can’t do that if I’m totally depleted and exhausted from spending every last free moment in the gym. Having said that, I need the gym because I sit most of the day, so my goal is to workout four days a week, if I’m super peppy, I can add a fifth. This is progress for me, because generally I am for six days and feel like a total failure if that doesn’t happen. I have issues. I’m aware. I’m working on them. 


What are you resolving for May