I woke up this morning full of vim and vigor.
Who am I kidding, I woke up at 5AM and was a total zombie as I made my way to the gym. Still, I was excited, because today is April 1st.


While I plotted my way through deadlifts and kettlebell squats I let my mind wander back to what my resolutions for April would be and if I should play a joke on you all by resolving to be a mean-spirited old bitty.


I decided against it, I’ve never been particularly mischievous—I think it’s a part of being an only child, pranks just weren’t a part of my childhood day-to-day.


Still, Happy April Fool’s Day!


Do you have any shenanigans to brag about?


 This month is all about time management for me. I’m focusing my energy on a few things: 1)Getting back in shape, 2)Being awesome at work, 3)Writing my next book, and 4)That pesky wedding I keep having to plan. Managing a high-priority schedule means early mornings. Last month I started what I hope will become easier an integral part of my schedule: The early morning workout.


 I’m a morning person, but I’m not a morning exercise person, and this has taken some getting used to, but I’m getting much better at it. Those 5AM wake-ups are getting easier, and I’ve noticed that working out in the morning makes the rest of my day seem so much more accomplished. By the time my work day starts I’ve already checked off one of my major to-dos.  That leaves the evening to work on writing, and the middle of the day to be awesome at work. I fit wedding stuff in as needed—that’s far lower on my list of things to focus on.


 Here’s a look at my projected fitness schedule for the month. It’s intense, but I spend the majority of my life parked in front of a computer so putting in an hour or two a day at the gym isn’t such a bad thing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 9.53.28 AM



 So, here are my goals for April:


  1. Morning exercise: Keep on keepin’ on, and keep on schedule—sleeping in and missing a class isn’t just bad for my butt, it counters my efforts to create a regular sleep schedule to support this crazy life of mine.
  2. Schedule home-work dates. The Fella and I cancelled our cable (Time Warner Cable is the worst company on the planet and I refuse to give them any more money—so there!) which should definitely aid in my productivity. Instead of plopping down in front of the TV at night, I want to spend at least an hour writing, hopefully two.
  3. Stop working weekends…for work. I have a pretty hefty workload at my jobby-job these days. I love it, so it’s not a bad thing that I’ve always got a million balls to juggle, but I want to make sure my weekends are dedicated to cuddle time with my Fella, working on personal projects, and actually relaxing—something I often forget to prioritize.
  4. Stop taking cabs. I just did my taxing for 2013 and the amount of money I spend on cabs is redonkulous—I need to stop that. I’m just going to chalk the extra subway time as bonus reading time. Plus, all my best book ideas come to me on the subway.


What are you resolving for April?