Day three of the BluePrint Foundation cleanse, and my juicing journey is coming to an end…for now. Day three is when you’re supposed to feel all enlightened and energetic. I did not feel exhausted today, but I wouldn’t exactly say that I was energetic. I was functionally functional. And as for enlightenment, I may or may not have had thoughts that were not Budha-rific. Also, I wouldn’t exactly say food is beneath me. But that’s all okay, because for me, juice fasts aren’t about weight loss, they aren’t about enlightenment, nor are they about energy. For me they are a way to press the reset button on my body; to get in touch with what real hunger feels like as opposed to boredom hunger or schedule hunger. To take a break from impurities and see what happens, and to build up again from that zero place and figure out what isn’t working in my normal diet.

As of 5AM this morning, when I woke up, I officially remembered hunger. As I sipped my first juice and prepped to meet a client for a 6AM workout, I was officially ravenous. I thought I might have a hard time spacing all of my juices out, since I wanted to chug them immediately, but then my work day exploded, as it is known to do from time to time, and before I knew it I had completely bypassed my lunch time juice.

I actually ended up skipping one of my juices. Go figure.

What’s my plan for tomorrow?

That’s a good question. The BluePrint people think I should only eat fruit. I’m not really all that concerned about jumping back into whole food that I already have in my pantry. The way I see it is, we’re animals, back in the dizay we would hunt and eat a lot, and then we wouldn’t eat too much for a while, and then we would hunt again and eat a lot—the fact that I am the product of millions of years of evolution only proves that I can eat oatmeal tomorrow and my stomach will not explode. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, because I don’t have time to go grocery shopping. 

Update from the future: Total number of water weight pounds lost: 7. The lesson learned here: if you have an event coming up and need to fit into skinny jeans without real diet or exercise, you can also juice. I don’t necessarily recommend that.