Image Source PS-I'm totally buying this print and making it my mantra

Image Source
PS-I just bought this print and I’m making it my 2014 mantra

When I first started blogging, almost six years ago, I had one very specific food goal: Eat for Energy.  I was 25 then, I was balancing a daily shooting schedule for The Daily Special, writing blogs daily for Elastic Waist, keeping up with my full-time job in non-profit development, and acting in plays in the evening.  Weight management has always been on my radar, because I’m not a naturally svelte lass, but energy was really my main goal–I had a lot to keep up with.

I haven’t exactly slowed down over the course of the years, I’ve always has a propensity for biting off more than I should be able to chew…and yet, I always find a way.  But, I was lucky enough to be a freelancer for many years, which meant cutting the day job out of the equation–that made focussing on other aspects of my life a lot easier–it also meant I put less emphasis on the food I was eating being able to sustain long hours of hard work.

At 31, I’m feeling a lot like I have my 25-year old life back (if not my 25-year old ability to run on zero sleep).  I’m juggling a day job (that I love!) as an editor, a side job as a personal trainer and spin instructor (also love), and my freelance career as a writer and author (I’ve just started chipping away at my second book idea).  I’m also getting married, which is far more time consuming than I appreciate–I do not care about wedding websites, registries, or flower arrangements, I care about deadlines, invoices, and book proposals.  I am the worst at being a girl.

I do need to lose a bit of weight, I’ve mentioned before that I gained  30 lbs writing Coming Clean, it was a super emotional process and I ate my way through it.  Not solely for aesthetic reasons do I need to drop a few pounds, but for health reasons (I’m planning on making some new people in the next few years and want my body to be healthy and prepared for that process), and let’s be honest– for aesthetic reasons, I plunked down a ridiculous amount of money for a dress I’ll only be wearing once–I want to feel my best while wearing it.  But, what I need to do, what I need to focus on, is eating for optimal energy, the same way I did when I was 25 and juggling a very full plate.  What happened then, with a focus on balanced nutrients and unprocessed foods was a natural, pain free, 25 lb weight loss. A very similar thing happened to me years before that, when I was studying abroad in The Netherlands.  It never occurred to me to diet, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel the world and I was intent on eating my way through it.  I lost so much weight while I was pigging out on the far less processed European fare, that my mother didn’t even recognize me when my plane landed.  Let this be a lesson in the effectiveness of “Diet Food.”

My hope is, if I focus my energy again on eating the right foods for my body to function optimally, instead of restricting calories to a point that I’m even more exhausted than usual, my body will do me a solid and respond with the bonus

Could it be that I was smarter at 25 than I am at 31?