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I am always early.  It’s what I do.  If we were to make plans for dinner at 8PM, I would show up at 7:15 and stand around scoping the place out, reading a book, and making the hostess uncomfortable with my hovering presence.

I don’t suspect I’ll ever change, I’ve been this way since birth.  I was due to be born on March 3rd, I was born on December 23rd (a Thursday).  That would be today, only a long time ago, before there were computers and iPhones.

Today is my birthday, having a Christmas birthday is a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because as a kid I never had school on my birthday and the entire world seems to get decked out in lights and bows, and holiday cheer.  A curse because in general no one is in town on my actual birthday, and if they are, they’re already partied out.  Hell, I’m usually partied out by my birthday, which is why I told my family and friends and that I guy I live with that I didn’t want to do anything this year.

No one listens to me.

The Fella informed me that we would be celebrating my birthday on Sunday and I should just shut my pie hole about it, only he didn’t say pie hole, because he’s far classier than I am.  So, I woke up yesterday morning (at 5:30AM–see always early) and sat around reading a book (Soy Sauce for Beginners by Kirstin Chen is a great easy read, especially if you’ll be travelling in the next few days) for four-ish hours until he woke up.  Then the surprises began!

We started the day at the Popover Cafe, where I had my very first popover (yes, I’ve lived a very sheltered life) with strawberry butter.


The popover was very literally the size of my head, and I ate it all.  I just didn’t have room to eat this…


My Greek scramble with feta, onions, tomato, and olives

After brunch we headed to do what has become a birthday tradition, visit the American Museum of Natural History

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We live a few blocks from the museum, we really should just get a membership because it’s one of our favorite places to spend the day wandering.

Teddy and I were talking about Long Island, his house at Sagamore Hill was my favorite place to go on school trips as a kid.

When we left the museum Roy started to get hyper, so I knew he was up to something.  In true Fella fashion, Roy didn’t listen to my request for a low-key birthday and instead rented a lane at a bowling alley and invited a few of my friends to surprise me.

I am an excellent Wii bowler, I am a mediocre real-ball bowler. But, I swear my game improves in direct proportion to my beer consumption.



Afterward we all went out for sushi.  There was talk of karaoke, but by 9:30 we were all tuckered out (we’re just not as cool as we were in our 20s) and needed to get ready for work in the morning.


Today is my real birthday, it’s a dreary, rainy, unseasonably warm December day here, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be in it, because I have so many wonderful people in my life.  This past year was one of the most amazing I’ve had, and while I probably won’t ever be able to capture that that magic again, no matter how many books I write, or dreamboats I get engaged to, exotic places I visit, or exciting new job opportunities I have.  This year will bring it’s own magic, it’s own beauty, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for this 31st year of my life.  It’s been a pretty great ride so far.