IMG_1577Common sense would lead one to believe that because I am, by nature, a morning person, that I would also be a morning exercise person.  Yet, even if my eyes open at 5:30AM on a daily basis, my first thought is not, “Get me in some spandex!”

I really enjoy the quiet of the morning, I like slowly getting ready, cooking a real breakfast (I like big breakfasts), and taking my time in the shower.  If I had won the $600+ million Mega Millions this week, my schedule would have allowed me to have my early leisurely mornings, followed by an early afternoon workout.  But I did not win, so when my eyes opened at 5:30AM, I slinked out of my room, put on my spandex and walked to spin class.

I have yet to work up the nerve to wear my “Sweating for the Wedding” tank top I NEEDED TO HAVE to the actual gym.

As hard as it is to move quickly at that hour, there is something kind of amazing about starting the day with cardio (I can only do cardio in the morning, I need to have eaten before I hit the weight room).  It’s more effective than a cup of coffee and a steamy shower in waking me up, and then I feel all accomplished and less likely to eat my weights worth of gummy worms.

I know they say you have to do something for 21 days to form a habit, but waking up and going to the gym first thing never really gets easier if you ask me.  Still, it’s one of those things I do, as regularly as I can, because it feels so good when it’s over.

When is your favorite time of day to work out?  Do you have tips or tricks for sticking to a fitness schedule?


IMG_1578This was originally going to be a breakfast burrito, but I accidentally toasted the wrap, so it was basically an omelet flatbread sandwich.  Egg whites, turkey, edam cheese, a flax roll-up with hot sauce, and a mango


I’m guessing no one needs to see another picture of cabbage soup.


IMG_1581Salmon with cajun seasoning and crusted Parmesan, mashed sweet potatoes, string beans

EXERCISE: 45-minute soul cycle, ab-based exercise video